Puppy Thrown from Car in Sandy Aftermath Now at ASPCA

Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 2:45pm

Even as their region was devastated by Superstorm Sandy, a New Jersey couple found time to step up for an animal in need.

After spending days inside waiting out the storm without electricity, Gloria Delgado and Wilfredo Garcia took their dog for a walk Tuesday to survey the damage to their Elizabeth neighborhood.

A few blocks from their home, they saw something strange: a little white car idling at the edge of a park. The couple heard a yelp and a car door slam, and then watched as the car sped away.

To their horror, Delgado and Garcia realized a Hound/Pit Bull mix puppy, white with brown spots and about five months old, had been pitched out of the car, left to fend for herself among the downed trees and debris. Delgado called to the confused puppy, and she came right away.

Delgado and Garcia waited for 20 minutes—perhaps, they thought, she fell out of the car? But the car never returned, so they took the puppy home to their dark apartment.

“She was so nice,” Delgado says. “So good and playful with our kids and our dog.”

The puppy stayed the night, but the Garcia family knew they couldn’t keep her forever. Delgado cleans houses in Manhattan, and she decided to bring us the puppy when she returned to work. On Wednesday, the entire Garcia family braved hours of traffic to ensure the dog reached us safely. 

“I lived in Manhattan a long time ago, so I know how the ASPCA takes care of animals,” Garcia says. “I knew they would take care of this dog.”

We are so grateful that the Garcia family took care of this sweet and happy little puppy, who is receiving care at our Adoption Center and will be made available for adoption soon. Of course, we named her Sandy.

For more information about the ASPCA’s rescue and relief efforts during Sandy, please stay tuned to our blog and Twitter account.

UPDATE: Sandy has been adopted!

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Helana Meisters

God bless Delgado and Garcia! There should be more people like them in the world! The people that threw the poor little puppy out of the car should be thrown out of the car themselves!

Sue Bradford



I live in northen MN, and would like to adopt this puppy. How?


I would love to know if this puppy has been adopted. Please send me an update.


I think what this couple did to help that little helpless puppy in such terrible conditions was wonderful! What type of person would throw an innocent, helpless dog from their car after going through the horrible storm that we had just had? I think some people are absolutely DISGUSTING!!! ALL THEY WANT IS TO BE LOVED AND GIVE LOVE, SO WHY TREAT THEM LIKE THAT? LOVE YOUR ANIMALS AND IF BY CHANCE YOU DECIDE THAT IT IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU, GO TO A LOCAL NO-KILL SHELTER WHERE THERE WILL BE A POSSIBILITY FOR THE PUPPY TO GET ADOPTED BY A LOVING, FOREVER FAMILY. DON'T TREAT THEM LIKE TRASH. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF SOMEONE THREW YOU OUT OF A CAR? I'M SURE YOU WOULDN'T-SO WHY DO IT TO AN INNOCENT ANIMAL?

Emma France

What compassionate and beautiful people you are! Good Samaratains in the truest sense of the phrase and you will be blessed ten-fold for your kindness, decency, and love. You replaced darkness with light!!! You set the good example for your children and for all of us. You showed the only way. Thank you for lifting my spirit.


I don't understand how anyone can just throw an animal away like that. It's heartbreaking knowing people like that are out there. I hope Sandy finds a great home!!


i would like to adopt a puppy


Hi guys! I would appreciate it if anyone who could help me will answer this response...My mom and I are VERY interested in adopting a dog that was abandoned during Sandy. We live here at the Jersey Shore. This adorable little girl would be perfect. We have younger family members so it is important for the dog to get along with small children. I would like to find out where she is located and who I should contact to get all the needed information. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


i know we don`t always think sometimes at that type of moment but but we must try to get the plate numbers of human trash that do things like this ! then turn them over to the law ! if they don`t do anything then turn them over to me ! ! ! !