Puppy Mill Bill Cracks Down on Online Dog Sales

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 3:30pm
puppy mill dog

Great news! This week members of Congress reintroduced legislation to establish greater federal oversight of puppy mills and online dog sales.

The Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act would require commercial breeders who sell their puppies directly to the public, sight unseen, including via the web, to be licensed and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Currently, only breeders who sell dogs to pet stores or to puppy brokers are subject to federal oversight.

Many puppies sold online come from puppy mills and are commonly bred in unsanitary, overcrowded and often cruel conditions without sufficient veterinary care, food, water or socialization. While facilities that breed puppies for commercial resale through pet stores are required to be licensed and inspected, breeders who sell directly to consumers, via the Internet, newspaper classifieds or other outlets, are exempt from any federal oversight.

“As the ASPCA has seen firsthand, the photos of happy, healthy puppies posted on a breeder’s website often grossly misrepresent what conditions are really like for these puppies and their parents,” says Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations. “Puppy mills are able to completely evade federal oversight by taking advantage of a pre-Internet loophole in current law, but the PUPS Act would change that.”

As mentioned in USA Today, the PUPS Act will require that any breeder who sells more than 50 dogs each year to pet stores or online must meet federal standards.

“The current loophole has allowed too many dog breeders to get away with abusive behavior for far too long,” adds Cori Menkin, Senior Director of the ASPCA’s Puppy Mill Campaign. “We encourage Congress and the USDA to take meaningful steps to protect dogs in commercial breeding facilities.”

To learn more about the ASPCA’s efforts to eradicate puppy mills, and how you can help, please visit

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Dee Elder

LEGISLATION MUST BE PASSED IMMEDIATELY TO END PUPPY MILLS. We must end his inhumane treatment of animals used for for financial gain. These beautiful creatures deserve the best life possible & we are the only voice they have to protect them. PLEASE DO NOT TURN A DEAF EAR -- IT'S TIME TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST ALL PYPPY MILLS & CRUEL TREATMENT OF INNOCENT CREATURES.


did not see included cat mills as they are also becoming a problem with the exotic cats bringing big money can they be included


These mills are just "factories" for turning out puppies for profit. They should be completely shut down, everywhere. The owners of these horror kennels do not care about regulations... They will just continue their
Cruelty because it is about the only thing they do care about: Money. A lot of otherwise intelligent people
Do not even know what puppy mills are!


Until Congress/Government steps in and implements mandatory spay and neuter laws, all rescue groups & shelters will still be a day late and a dollar short. Both shelters & rescue groups are bursting at the seams with animals; this is a direct result of overbreeding in America by backyard breeders, irresponsible pet owners & puppy mills. If laws were in place that stated just how many dogs a person could own, how many times a dog could be bred and how many puppies could be produced by that person/breeder. If these laws were not followed, heavy fines followed. Also, what about taxing ALL puppy sales period.

Frances Flinchum

Thank you Congrress for passing this bill

Rita De Ferrary

ALL breeding of companion animals should be implemented. There are millions of companion perts being euthanized each year from overbreeding. The AKC can go to hell! They are a major source of resistance to protect companion animals and many of their members churn out puppies for profit. As if it were not bad enough to have breeds that have a myriad of genetic defects, these self absorbed money hungry lowlifes are now breeding designer dogs and cats, mixing two breed that already have defects and combining the defects of each into one animal. They should be stopped! The breeding of billions of companion animals also means the added pressure on farm animals who obligatorily wind up as pet food. The entire pet industry whether it is puppies, cats, reptiles, horses, pigs, or other needs to stop! And don't get me started on the breeding of exotic pets, those I would sentence to hard labor!

Susie Tealdo

Let's do everything in our power to pass this legislation. Puppy mills and breeders are among cruel people who make profit by abusing animals. Let's stop this once and for all!

Barbara Grimes

Amish puppy mills should not be an acception as they are now. My friend paid $400 for a cocker spaniel that was a mix of something else and has since found out that the papers that came with the puppy were from an Amish puppy mill. This all happened in Montana. The owners and puppy have suffered greatly and the puppy has major problems that did not show up until now...4 yrs old. The dog will likely have to be put down. Dirty Shame.

Nanette Sanchez-Cook

It's about time people wake up and realize that "behind the scenes" is a lot of horrible, filthy, cruel conditions that innocent dogs must endure in the puppy mills! PUT A STOP TO THIS CRUELTY!! All breeders MUST be routinely investigated to be sure that all the animals are in healthy conditions. Better yet, go to a shelter or rescue to get your next four legged family member!

Veronica Bradley

I agree that 50 dogs being sold per year is way too much. I believe it is imperative to put an end to all puppy mills. True dog lovers, looking for a family pet, should be directed to their local shelters or rescues. They are the absolute best dogs who love and appreciate you from the moment they meet you. We have three and I cannot imagine my life without them. Until we minimize the number of puppies being produced in these abhorrent puppy mills, I fear the owners of such places will find a way n to break whatever laws come up, and continue with their selfish, greedy, business. If we STOP buying dogs and cats, hopefully these horrible places will one day cease to exist.