Puppy Love! ASPCA Pups Find Great New Homes

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 11:45am
ASPCA pups find new homes

While we love senior shelter dogs, we can’t help but get excited when we have a litter of adorable puppies under our care. Recently, a litter of five sweet puppies left our Adoption Center for loving homes!


One of these cuties was a puppy with a velvety black coat named Inky, now called Boo.

Boo’s adopter, Diamond Durant, had never visited the Adoption Center before but fell in love with this “adorable, sweet, and playful” puppy right away.

“Boo is very sweet, loves to play and loves to sit on my lap,” Diamond says. “She nibbles on everything and calls for attention when she enters a room.”


Boo’s sister Pinky was also matched with a loving family. Her adopter, Pamela Harris, renamed her Opal and reports that this little puppy is thriving.

“We were thinking about what it would be like to adopt a slightly older dog, but then we met Opal,” Pamela says. “She was nervous and shaky, and the minute Joe picked her up and held her she licked his face and fell sound asleep. That was it—we were adopting her.”

And while Opal is still adjusting to the chilly New York City wind, she is adapting quickly to her new home.

“Opal hilariously hops when she runs, she politely sits before going out and coming in, and she loves her toys,” Pamela says. ”She has her moments of rambunctious puppy-ness and on the whole is beyond sweet.”

Opal will soon attend puppy playgroups, “where she can romp and get some of her ya-yas out,” and puppy obedience classes.

We’re so excited that these puppies got a second chance to find loving homes!

If you’re looking to adopt a puppy in NYC, check in with the ASPCA Adoption Center! We often have puppies for adoption, but they are frequently adopted before their pictures make it up on our website.

 Got a Happy Tail of your own? Submit it to [email protected] and you could see it on the ASPCA Blog.

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Annette Demes

I have adopted 6 pitbulls from My vet who used to sit on the board of the ASPCA. In the last two years I've lost two, to cancer. One was 11 & one was only 6. It broke my heart. I started loving this breed at 17yrs old. I'm now 54. I would love to rescue more. Please let me know when you have more that need homes, it would be easier to get them into the pack of 4 if they were younger rather than older. The two I lost have left a whole in my heart. I love the breed as they become our children, part of our family.

Natalie Godchild

Did you have Cleo and Zuess with my grandmother Florence? Looking for my godmother Annette Alessi Demes. Did you lose your brother Nicky in 1994 at age 49?


That's great! I hope that everyone has a great and safe weekend, plus I hope that they had a nice MLK Day and are having a great and safe Groundhog Day!That goes for last year and all the other years that I've missed. I'm sorry about that, but it slipped my mind last week.


I think she is just the cutest little thing. I hope she has a loving family all her life.


save a a a dog.