Pit Bull Starved in Brooklyn

Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 2:00pm

Drew before and after.

Three-month-old Drew was skin and bones the day he arrived at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital.  His owner, Leedell Walker, claimed the pup had not been eating—then proceeded to give up custody of the dog and leave. The hospital team knew something was very wrong and contacted ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE).

After a full examination, forensic veterinarians confirmed that the near-death Drew was in a critical state of shock and severely anemic. The vets concluded that 37-pound Drew had been starved.

It didn’t take long to for HLE to conclude its case. Walker, 57, was arrested by Special Agent Bradley English and charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If convicted, he faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Walker is due in Kings County Criminal Court on June 11.

Drew continues his recovery, and now weighs 65 pounds—a 76 percent increase! This handsome boy will soon be made available for adoption.

If you suspect an animal may be the victim of neglect or abuse, please report it.

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Michele Martin

One year and one thousand dollars is not enough time for someone to do this to a dog - he needs more time in jail and then to have to work at a rescue center caring for dogs that come in (supervised of course) - how cruel and irresponsible to do this to a sweet dog

Al Day

The former owner of this dog should be deprived of food the same way he deprived the dog of food. Sickening!.

Sandra Bennington

The charge for animal cruelty should be a FELONY!!!


But, in Maryland a new law just passed, pit bulls deserve this kind of treatment because if your dog bites someone and it happens to be a pit bull it will be put down - this is a dog-specific law and only applies to pit bulls.

emily kelly

What this country does not understand is that, if someone can torture and starve something that can't defend itself there is a SEVERE mental disorder. Look up any serial killer, they tortured animals as young adults and children. Why do we let these people back out on the street just because they can afford bail!? It is absolutely outrageous, these people should have longer jail times and then after be forced into a psychiatric hospital for another long stay as well. Absolutely disgusting.


Im so glad the pit bull is doing better.That poor baby. Altho I wouldnt want a pit bull NO animal deserves to be treated that way. I wish people would remember humans domesticated animals. It is WRONG to just leave them. There is also a misconseption about turning in a dog at a shelter. From the research and phone calls Ive made no shelter EVER charges someone for dropping offf a animal. Im sure somewhere one has but people will loose theire homes to foreclosure and just leave their pets there to fend for themselves. Its wrong. If your going to adopt a animal and it gets to the point to where you cant care or keep them anymore then do the right thing. Id rather see them put down humanely than starve to death. I also believe if you mistreat a animal.. beat them.. hurt them...starve them. You should be BEATEN! Anyone that will hurt a animal will hurt another person. Child or whoever. They DO NOT care! I wish we could help and save them all. Animals love us unconditionallly. No matter who you aare, what you did, what you look like....They love us..They deserve that love back. Our Gracie which is a Golden Retriever gets pampered as she is our child. They all should be loved and cared for! PERIOD! Anyone that hurts them should be beaten! PERIOD!

Debra Perry



I think that every person who inflicts cruelty on an animal no matter what it is should be put through the same abuse they put the poor animal through!!! And the punishment is definately not harsh enough. I would save an animal before a person any day!!


I guess I will never understand how some heartless people can abuse animals, that guy is lucky I don't live next door and seen this , there would be two arrest made one for him , and one for me after I beat him senseless !!!!

Mitzi B.Santos

1000 fine and or 1 year in jail??Why not more money as a fine and more time or
BOTH!!!and then when he is released 5 yrs community service at an animal THAT is punishment!!