Pit Bull Starved in Brooklyn

Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 2:00pm

Drew before and after.

Three-month-old Drew was skin and bones the day he arrived at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital.  His owner, Leedell Walker, claimed the pup had not been eating—then proceeded to give up custody of the dog and leave. The hospital team knew something was very wrong and contacted ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE).

After a full examination, forensic veterinarians confirmed that the near-death Drew was in a critical state of shock and severely anemic. The vets concluded that 37-pound Drew had been starved.

It didn’t take long to for HLE to conclude its case. Walker, 57, was arrested by Special Agent Bradley English and charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If convicted, he faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Walker is due in Kings County Criminal Court on June 11.

Drew continues his recovery, and now weighs 65 pounds—a 76 percent increase! This handsome boy will soon be made available for adoption.

If you suspect an animal may be the victim of neglect or abuse, please report it.

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Emily Van Kampen

I'm so glad this little (well big now) guy was rescued. I hope he finds fantastic doggie parents. And, in my opinion, the punishment for this sick individual is not enough! I think the animal cruelty laws need to be more strict, just because the victim is an animal doesn't make it any less of a crime, in my opinion. But at least the guy is getting punished!

Julie O'Connell

What An Absolute Scumbag!!!, He Wants Stringing Up And Horse Whipping!!, Throw The Scumbag In Jail And Starve Him See How He Likes It The Filthy Piece Of Shit!, This Absolutely Makes Me So So Angry And Its Upsetting To Think That Anyone Could Do Deliberate Harm To A Defenceless Animal. Wishing Drew A Full Recovery...xx

Cynthia Bonnney

I know an eye for an eye is not always the correct way to look at things. But, if you take on the RESPONSIBILITY and ownership of a pet (extended family member) you ARE to treat it as such! Most cannot or are not given a chance to do so. Lets see how well you do "unable" to eat and weighing 30+ pounds! I would feed a hungry (not even starving - just hungry) animal before even thinking of putting a bite into my own mouth. How DARE you, Mr. Walker! May you only get crumbs and drops of water in jail! If someone remembers to bring you anything!


I would love to chain Mr Walker up and deny him food or water . This is heartbreaking and pathetic....

Chaya S.

The man deserves more than a year and he should be forced to work in a shelter for a minimum of 5 years. Let him see what cruelty to animals does.

Mia vanzetti

$1000 is not enough, this ppl should be in jail for the rest of their life smh

graciela sanchez

Es hermoso leer casos como estos,donde la ASPCA realiza una maravillosa fiel seguidora del programa de protección de la ASPCA , como es distrito animal en ANIMAL PLANET,el único problema es que esta todo en ingles. Agradecería tener encuenta este comentario soy latinoamericana y hablo español.


If he goes to jail for a year, food should be withheld for a year. Let's see how long he lasts.


When will we ever realize, if someone is willing to abuse any living creature, they are a harm to society as a whole. We try to justify that it's "only an animal." When does it become too much, when a child is harmed, when a mentally challenged woman is starved or when an elderly man is beaten? When is enough, enough? The punishment needs to start fitting the crime and this punishment is definitely not ENOUGH!


one year n one thousand dollars was never enough.. im very blessing that drew is healthy now even better than too late... hope the very good n honest new owner adopt n give drew plenty of love n hugs n very good take care of drew w/plenty of food n water.. God bless drew. BIG hugs