Pit Bull Scouts a Second Chance

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 11:00am
Black and brown pit bull outside sniffing grass

Aerin L. shared the following story with us about her dog Scout’s rough start as an abandoned puppy, his subsequent recovery and his happy adoption:

Scout, a black Pit Bull-Chow mix, was found with his three brothers—all around four-months-old—emaciated, close to death, coated in fleas and ticks, and suffering from severe cases of Demodex mange. The shelter that was called in to rescue the puppies said it was the worst case of mange they had ever seen. Scout in particular had not a strand of hair on his body, was covered in fleas and ticks, and his eyes were swollen shut.  

A woman who operated a rescue in the Chicago area fostered Scout, then known as LoveBug. When we went to the rescue to look at another dog, we met Scout. He was described as a sweet, fast learning, calm dog.

We adopted him and learned that his personality was far from what we anticipated. Untrained except for the command sit, we enlisted the help of  a dog trainer who taught him "down," "heel," "go potty," "wait," "stay," and more. She socialized him and helped him work through his fear of cars.

My plan is to work with Scout so he can achieve the "Canine Good Citizenship Award" before enrolling him as a therapy dog at children’s hospitals. I think children—especially those with cancer—will be able to connect with him. I hope they see his remarkable, and almost impossible, recovery as something they can look forward to. He's alive, well and happy.

Scout can help me educate the public about how loving Pit Bulls are and disprove the myths associated with the breed. 

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Linda Glaze

Pit Bulls are a loving bred we have owned one in the past and he was a sweet loving dog. People are the ones that make them mean.


I really hate humans. People. I know not all people are cruel but the ones make up for the way I feel.
Sometimes I wish that all animals, birds, insects, etc would leave this earth so I don't have to read such horrible things about them.
I love them all.


Wonderful story! So glad to hear another pittie "gone good" story.


I am so happy that Scout is doing well and on a road to a remarkable recovery. We adopted a pit pull /boxer mix several years ago. The shelter said he/Max came from a home with 7 children and they family was moving and could not take the dog with them. this dog was so loveable and loved to take car rides and was completely obedient. He actually trained our first dog Casey to be obedient whom we adopted from the same shelter but he was found off the streets and showed signs of abuse. Pit bulls can be trained to be loveable pets and great with children, my dog Max was living proof. The myths needs to myths only...not facts.