Pit Bull Scouts a Second Chance

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 11:00am
Black and brown pit bull outside sniffing grass

Aerin L. shared the following story with us about her dog Scout’s rough start as an abandoned puppy, his subsequent recovery and his happy adoption:

Scout, a black Pit Bull-Chow mix, was found with his three brothers—all around four-months-old—emaciated, close to death, coated in fleas and ticks, and suffering from severe cases of Demodex mange. The shelter that was called in to rescue the puppies said it was the worst case of mange they had ever seen. Scout in particular had not a strand of hair on his body, was covered in fleas and ticks, and his eyes were swollen shut.  

A woman who operated a rescue in the Chicago area fostered Scout, then known as LoveBug. When we went to the rescue to look at another dog, we met Scout. He was described as a sweet, fast learning, calm dog.

We adopted him and learned that his personality was far from what we anticipated. Untrained except for the command sit, we enlisted the help of  a dog trainer who taught him "down," "heel," "go potty," "wait," "stay," and more. She socialized him and helped him work through his fear of cars.

My plan is to work with Scout so he can achieve the "Canine Good Citizenship Award" before enrolling him as a therapy dog at children’s hospitals. I think children—especially those with cancer—will be able to connect with him. I hope they see his remarkable, and almost impossible, recovery as something they can look forward to. He's alive, well and happy.

Scout can help me educate the public about how loving Pit Bulls are and disprove the myths associated with the breed. 

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i believe that working with your dogs draws you closer to your dog!


Thank you so much for taking a chance with Scout. As you work with him, you will see him blossom. I have an American Pit Bull Terrier adopted from a rescue and she is now a Canine Good Citizen and registered therapy dog. She is (I think) extremely smart and sweet. I wish you the best of luck; you (and Scout) will have lots of fun training. You know that Scout is aware that he's a lucky dog to have found you.


Thank you so much for adopting sweet & adorable Scout! It breaks my heart to see what he & the puppies went through! People who abuse animals should suffer severely for what they did, & they will not make it to heaven. I want to train hearing service dogs, & it will be so rewarding, just like what you & Scout do.


Pit bulls especially respond to human interaction, walks, love, petting, rewarding with treats and "come around" to bond with kind-humans within a month or two. They are sweet, loving and social if encouraged in that direction. Thank you for taking the time, effort and resources to save this dog!!!!


Stories about families like yours truly lift my spirits. My husband and I have two rescue dogs and a cat who was abandoned. The "pack" brings me so much joy and love I can't imagine life without them. There were some challenging moments with our one rescue dog but working with him taught me much about patience and how much my energy matters when I approach any situation. Each pack member is a precious gift from whom I continue to learn and receive love.


Can't thank you all enough for what u do. I am a true believer in fighting for the defendless. I truly believe God has a special place for every one of these dogs. I will keep supporting this cause financially as long as I can.

Dog Lover

At one time the "Pit" Bull was known as a family dog and protector. People trusted them with their children. Its nice to know that you and others are starting to re-educate the public about what great dogs they are.

Susan Guthrie

Pit Bulls are very loving dogs; sad that they are used so much for dog fighting here in Miami. If animal control picks up any pit bulls on the street, they are put down immediately, no waiting. This is because pit bulls are illegal in Miami-Dade County. What a shame that a few bad dogs, along with people's horrible behavior, has led to euthanizing the entire breed.

Patricia walker

I think the people who put the chains on the dogs should have to wear them for a while!

Evelyn Harrison

The status of pit bulls in Miami, and the general fear and misunderstanding of the breed is so sad. Darn, I've never met a Pit bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc. that I didn't like.