Phoebe and Hurley: Super Snuggly Felines

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 10:00am
Striped cat with green eyes napping on bed

Jennifer B. and her husband visited the ASPCA Adoption Center to adopt a pair of kittens, but kept an open mind and ended up with a two special adult cats with lots of love to give. Jennifer shared her adoption story with us:

We came to the ASPCA looking for kittens and were determined to let the cats choose us. The kittens we met were not a perfect fit for us, so the Adoptions staff asked if we'd like to see some adult cats. We ended up finding our babies in the last cat room—a room full of kitties that had been rescued from a hoarding situation in Brooklyn.

We sat down and waited to see if any of the cats would show interest in us. Phoebe was a little skittish but came right up and started pawing at me for attention. Hurley woke up from a nap and took a minute before claiming a spot on my husband's lap. We thought: This must be them. They chose us.

I was a little worried that visiting the ASPCA might break my heart when I realized I couldn't take them all home. But my anxiety subsided when I saw how nice the Adoption Center is and how well the animals are cared for.

Phoebe and Hurley are two of the most affectionate cats I have ever been around. They love attention and are very social with guests. Phoebe has turned into a little lap cat, while Hurley loves to snuggle. They have fans all over Astoria, and across the country, for that matter. We love them more than words can say.

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two striped cats napping with each other

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Nothing in this world more heartwarming than cuddling cats. They make our problems go away with their beauty and their love. Phoebe and Hurley are gorgeous and soulful. Congratulations to Jennifer and her husband for adopting two adult cats. You made the perfect choices!


We are blessed with these absolutely special beings who gives us so much more than we can ever give to them. Such loving calmness is what we all need!


What beautiful tabbies! We hd a similar experience several years ago at our local shelter with a gorgeous girl named Simba. She lived a long, happy life of 18 years...we miss her every day. I hope you find your life as blessed as we did.


Bless you for adopting two older cats. I volunteer at a no kill shelter and see so many older cats people do not take. In fact some people who have adopted kittens from us come back years later to give them back because they were too old.


People who would return a cat because it was "too old" should not be allowed to adopt again!


Oh, I hope they didn't let them adopt again!


Older cats are the best! They just get sweeter and more affectionate (and what is wrong with being less rambunctious?).


Bravo!! I adopted a 2 year old special needs cat, and would do it again. She is the most loving cat ever. yes, I have vet bills that put me in the red sometimes, but no regrets!


I have never adopted a kitty from a shelter, all of mine have come to me by word of mouth, and "call Mary she can't turn down a throwaway kitty!" I have rescued a Greyhound from a rescue organization, and we recently adopted "Gibbs" a lab/hound mix from NOAH a no kill shelter in Stanwood, WA. A lady I work with adopted a elder calico from our local animal shelter, she's had Cocoa about 18 months now and she was just diagnosed with a tumor in her lung and the vet said she's probably got another 3-4 months to live, but she has given her the last year or so of her life as a loved and well cared for member of her family with her calico little sister Pepper. God bless all who rescue the throwaways uncaring, cruel humans abandon. ~^._.^~

Eileen Kulp

Congratulations on your new Babies!!! They and you are so Lucky!! I just rescued a little girl from Philadelphia last week. She was under a car and just mewoed so much, til she finally came over to me, rubbed and nuzzled me and I said toa co-worker, I can't leave her here. So they brought me a blanket, placed it in my car,placed the cat in my car. Waited for her reactions and when she settled down I started for home. I have 5 others at home who are alittle anxious, but in time will accept her. She'll go to the vet next week for check-up and shots. But I'm glad she is safe and in a good home and protected from the streets. So congrats again on your new forever Babies. They'll bring you both lots of love and laughter!!