Pet Halloween Costumes: Cute or Scary?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 12:00pm

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be tempted to make your cat or dog a star by dressing him up in the cutest mini-sized costume you can find. But wait—is trick-or-treat apparel really safe for your furry friends?

Our experts suggest putting your pet in a costume only if you’re sure he will enjoy it. Some pets love the limelight: wearing a costume and posing for pictures is a blast! Others prefer to stick to their birthday suits for all occasions, and being dressed like a pumpkin for their pet parents’ amusement can cause unnecessary stress.

If you decide to have your pet wear a costume, here are some helpful safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Your pet’s Halloween garb should not constrict his movement or hearing, or impede his ability to breathe, bark or meow. Be sure to try on costumes in advance—and if your furry friend seems distressed, you’ll want to ditch the mini-pirate hat and vest.

  • Examine your pet’s costume and make sure it doesn’t have any small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces that he could choke on. Also, ill-fitting outfits can get caught on external objects or your pet, leading to injury.

  • IDs, please! Make sure your dog or cat has proper identification on underneath that cute costume. If for any reason your pet escapes and becomes lost during Halloween festivities, a collar and tags and/or a microchip can be a lifesaver.

For a complete list of animal safety guidelines for this spooky holiday, check out our expert Halloween Safety Tips for pet parents.

Tell us: Are you planning to dress up your pet for Halloween?

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Susan Gellerman

Yes, I will be dressing my dog for halloween. She loves to wear her costumes (as long as I do not put anything on her head) and she loves the attention. If the weather is warm, we sit on the stoop and hand out candy. She is not afraid of the children in costumes. I put her collar (with tags) and harness on under her costume. I put a small hole in the costume so that the leash can fit through. Safety first for all trick or treaters - two or four legs!


I have an 80 pound 1 year old Golden Retreiver and he MUST wear a harness when he goes on car rides. He likes to be very close to daddy and I, so he likes to clime and lay on the arm rest between the front two seats. Heaven forbid anything were to happen and he were hurt. We found a halloween costume that goes on him just like his car harness and he has been perfectly comfortable in it everytime we've put it on him. That being said, some dogs aren't comfortable wearing anything, some are. It depends on each individual dog. Yes, it may be somewhat for entertainment, but my dog is happy in his costume, we all know golden retreivers are very happy go-lucky dogs anyways so he gets really excited about his costume and the postive attention he gets.
It's a little too far to say that people who put costumes and outfits on their pets are "abussing" them. I would NEVER put anything on my dog that he did not want or like. To suggest that some people do not love their animals as much as you love yours is disgusting.


My 7 year old Shih Tzu loves ... I should say that again...she LOVES clothes! She cries when we take them off! She has a whole wardrobe of outfits...shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, costumes, hair clips! She loves this stuff! She's totally a girl! She has 5 halloween costumes! One of her costumes I made to fit was a fairy costume meant for a 3 year old child and I cut it to make it fit her. I can't believe how cute it turned out!! She loves all clothes! :) Oh exept 1 thing... she won't wear hats! I got her a witch costume and she barked and growled while trying to get it off...I took it back to the store! Lol! Halloween is a fun time for me and my little girl she prances around and literally shows off her cute little outfits! It's not for my entertainment it's for her! If she didn't like it so much I wouldn't do it!

Why would you ever dress your animal up in clothes, i mean i can see if he doesn't try to shake it off, it might be ok, but still, the animal might get to hot, and might not fell comfortable in his/her suit, if you are dressing your animal up, then you are being SELFISH, and you don't respect your animal.

Evelyn Harrison

Pros and Cons on this subject....who needs dog costumes? The comments here are amuzing enough. Thanks for the laughs. Keep on duking it out and I'll check this out again later for LOL.


i say both sides are right i think it okay and yet not okay.... its one thing if your pet likes the costume or wants it, but i also think that we shouldnt do it if it makes them uncomfortable so in each case its kinda like this. each side thinks thier the good/right side and the other is the evil/wrong its kinda a two way scale it depends on why how and what your doing.

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I agree completely with everything you have said

We will only dress up our 2 dogs for a couple of contests... which is only for less than 15 minutes. And because they get tons of treats, they don't mind as long as it's only for a little bit.


Ya dressing up my pitbull and going trick or treating