Pet First Aid—Is It a Priority?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 4:45pm

Let’s face it: Accidents happen—especially when it comes to our active and curious pets. Slips, trips, bumps and spills, whatever the harm, it’s really important to have a first aid protocol in place.

Find an emergency vet. If your vet clinic doesn’t provide 24-hour service, talk to them about emergency care options in your area. It’s a smart idea to keep the name, number and address of an emergency hospital tacked to the refrigerator or stored in your cell phone for easy access.

Learn life-saving actions:

  • If your pet is bleeding, immediately elevate and apply pressure to the wound.
  • If your pet is choking, place your fingers in his mouth to see if you can remove the blockage. If you’re unable to remove the foreign object, perform a modified Heimlich maneuver by giving a sharp rap to his chest. This should dislodge the object.

Be prepared. While a minor cut, scratch or scrape may not seem like much to worry about, infection can easily occur, and it’s important to have a first aid kit on hand. From now until the end of September, use coupon code FIRST to save 15% on our 126-piece First Aid Kit for Pets.