Pennsylvania Woman Sentenced to Six Months for Creating “Gothic Kittens”

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 2:00pm

"Gothic Kitty" creator Holly Crawford has been sentenced to six months of house arrest for using a 14-gauge needle to pierce the ears, necks and tails of three kittens and then attempting to sell the maimed felines over the Internet. The 35-year-old Pennsylvania woman was further ordered to close her dog grooming business for at least two years. Despite opposition from concerned citizens, the judge ruled in favor of allowing Crawford to maintain guardianship over her other pets, including a dog, three cats and three snakes.

Crawford was initially charged after a tip led humane investigators and the state police to her home on December 17, 2008. Investigators found and seized three kittens wearing heavy piercing jewelry on their ears, necks and tails. At least one of the kittens had a thick elastic band wrapped around his tail to prevent blood flow, as a means of docking it.

Despite arguments that Crawford used sterile needles and surgical soap when piercing the kittens, a Luzerne County jury found her guilty of animal cruelty. Helping to seal the conviction was expert testimony from the ASPCA's leading forensics veterinarian, Dr. Melinda Merck, who testified that the kittens had been maimed and disfigured, had their hearing damaged, and could have died.

"I was very happy to work with the Luzerne County District Attorney's Office on this case of abuse," says Dr. Merck. "The idea of mutilating animals in such a way for profit is appalling, I am glad justice was served."

If you know of an animal who is being hurt, please report it. To report animal cruelty in New York City, call the ASPCA's tip line at (877) THE-ASPCA. Visit our Report Cruelty FAQ to learn how to report cruelty elsewhere.

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Just because we mutilated animals historically does NOT make it right today. And for those people who are making comparisons with other atrocities in the world,"We are not discussing those issues here we are discussing the issue of piercings on cats."
I am very committed to a number of causes, and have demonstrated and created petitions against inequality and inhumane treatment to anyone.
If you really care about mans inhumanity your would have some real concern for any living thing.




OK lets get some perspective here. 1. Dogs have their ears and tails docked all the time via a vet. 2. Cats have had their ears and tails docked from time to time via a vet. 3. There are various times in history and present day that animals have recieved adornment of jewelry via piercings. These in present day should not be done without a vet knowledge of the animal structure and possible damage. 4. Various animals in the past and present day recieve nose rings via a vet. 5. Various animals are neut. or spayed to halt reproduction via a vet at times for their health or to halt reproduction. 6. There are a lot of various animal abuses that are more severe that jewelry adornment. So long as the individual does not leave the adornment on the animal while they are out and about or unmonitored so that they do not get stuck on some item that will cause them greater damage. 7. If you do not have the means to feed, clean, pay vet bills, and care for a animal on a daily basis you have no business owning one. Having an animal is not a right but a responsible choice one makes to have an animal companion. 8. To all of those who judge piercing a cats ears but not the docking of ears and tails, nose rings, and vocal cord removal of animals. Especially the ones who have their animals in animal shows!!!!!!!!!!! All of the docked tails and ears OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make a profit when they win those things and get ribbons and things for doing the alterations to their animals. If you go after someone about the ear piercing of a cat which has been done in various countries for centuries without ill effect then you need to also be just as fair and go after the animal show owners on docking ears and tails on thier animals. It is cruel either way. YOU CAN NOT HAVE ONE CHARGED IN SUCH WITHOUT CHARGING THE OTHER IT IS PREJUDICED AND BIASED!!!!!!!!!! OH THERE ARE SOME SHOW ANIMALS WITH PIERCED AND TATTOOED EARS TOO!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMAL GPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall I go on? I own 9 cats and they do have adequate food, vet care, and I do not have any of them pierced but I do have them neut. and spayed since there is a rampant amount of strays as it is that do not have adequate care in the world. My cats even when giving them meds from the vets run from me for while. When they go to the vet to get their shots and what not they run from me for a while. No they did not give me concent but I do take them to the vet for their overall health and benefit. Want to have a case against me for spaying and neut. my animals or giving them healthcare via a vet since I did not have their consent. ANIMAL PROTECTION NEEDS TO GET A GRIP AND IF THE ANIMALS WERE NOT SUFFERING ANY INFECTIONS OR ILL HEALTH OVER THE PROCEEDURE THEN THEY NEED TO GET A GRIP AND WORK ON THE CASES OF ALL THE DOG, COCK, AND OTHER ANIMAL FIGHTS!!! THERE IS ALSO A RASH OF GAMING GO ON WHERE PEOPLE ARE TYING 2 CATS TOGETHER BY THE TAIL AND THROWING THEM OVER LINES TO WATCH THEM FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT ALL THE ANIMALS STARVING IN PEOPLES BACK YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AFTER ALL OF THAT STUFF THAT IS IN PLAIN SIGHT INSTEAD OF SITTING ON THEIR FAT REARS WAITING ON CALLS OVER PEIRCED EARS! ALSO IF IT IS BAD TO DO SO FOR CATS IN PEIRCING THEIR EARS WHAT ABOUT ALL THE HUMAN BABIES THAT CANNOT TALK YET WHO DID NOT GIVE CONCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET FOR REAL PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!


"Ow! Mommi, eet hoots us!"


Can't really take any of you anymore serious than I might the comments at the bottom of a CNN article. To be frank, how is piercing the ears any less cruel than cropping the tail or neutering? Let's toss in a little licodine or anesthesia, then see what nuttery ensues?

I've a Siamese with several piercings in his right ear and I plan to get another with piercings in the opposite. There just happens to be a precedent for pets with piercings, at least in the ears, outside of 'Muriceh. Do we use anesthesia? Yeeesh. We sleeps your pussy! Sleeps it we doooo.


Now I remember why I don't read this blog. Sorry. :-/


The comments here are weird. The huy who says you can't eat meat and love animals...wrong....people who are closer to nature than this urbanite lost soul will ever be love animals and hunt are part of nature not apart from it.

As regards the piercing fetishists who like to mutilate themselves and now it seems animals. You are just deranged scum. If you think adding piercing domesticated cats and dogs is ok then watch out. A lot of people might punch you in the face for parading your tortured animal in public. You lot are so wrong and off the disconnected with any sense of balance or decency and yet so brazen in proclaiming your scumbagness on the net. 15 pierced cats in an apartment - you are a freak from a horror movie. Some narcissist tosser who mutilates his pet to get attention - fucking bastard.

The biggest danger to animals is people who are raised in cities by hippies.

Bob R

look i agree that this is wrong morally. but its not wrong according to the law... people cut dogs tails off all the time. clipping ears to make them stand up is almost more common than not doing it. so none of these people are arrested, none of these vets that do hundreds and thousands of these procedures have their licenses revoked and businesses taken away? but yet this girl gets 6 months for aesthetically altering a few kittens? give me a break.


So you can clip a cat or dogs ears, but can't pierce them?
In other words, slicing part of the ear off is acceptable, but putting a hole in them is not?
Micro-manage much?


So I gather from this conversation that; grooming, spaying, neutering, declawing, micro-chipping, tattooing (used for ID purposes) and all other matter of pet procedure, whether for cosmetic purposes or for the “good of the whole” require no consent from the animal, but an ear piercing does. I won’t argue that it is ostensibly unnecessary, but it is no more painful than chopping off a cat’s balls and would that they could consent to one or the other I offer this, that the cat would rather wear a diamond earring.


so its perfectly ok to chop a cats balls off without its consent, but not ok to give it a piercing? btw people pierce babies' ears all the time without consent