Paralyzed Pup Gets a Second Chance at Life

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 1:30pm

At four years old, Taco seems like any other dog. He plays with toys, snuggles in bed, and runs around with fellow pups. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that Taco isn’t like most other dogs. He has a limp, a drag in his step that serves as a reminder of all he has been through.

You see, Taco’s life wasn’t always toys and blankets. Last year, his neck and spine were broken when he was thrown from a moving car. By the time he made it to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, he was paralyzed.

Doctors at our hospital moved into action quickly, only to discover that much of the damage to Taco’s vertebrae was inoperable. Determined to help the 10-pound pup, they began a regimen of intensive care that involved painkillers and a full-body brace—keeping him safe and comfortable until he was strong enough to begin physical therapy.

During his stay at the hospital, Taco received love, attention, and unwavering care, possibly for the first time in his life. Slowly but surely, he regained his mobility. When he was ready, he transferred to our Adoption Center and was quickly adopted into a loving home. Though Taco will always have a limp, his new family tells us that “he is full of energy and life, and he never lets his gait hinder his stride.”

When you donate to the ASPCA, you are supporting the anti-cruelty work, medical expertise, and adoption services that make us national leaders in animal welfare. Without these things, Taco might not have survived.

We believe that one day, animal cruelty—like Taco’s trauma—will be a distant memory. But until then, we need your support to keep saving lives. Please make a gift today.

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Bobbi Mattia

You are so right. I have a friend who worked for animal control in our borough. When they pursued animal abuse they also looked at the children and reported the parent to CPS if the children were obviously abused.


If an animal could talk they'd be thinking why me? what did I ever do to you to deserve this kind of treatment? No animal should ever have to be mistreated. I not only give to ASPCA but to my local Broward County Humane Society which is Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I think these animals are worth every dollar of my money. I've owned two dogs already(both of whom are deceased)but they both had a loving home

Ana Castanos

God bless you and your families too for helping the animals.

Susan Martin

The only thing that is going to stop this is stronger laws. Lets hope someone in Washington will actually do the job they are paid to do and introduce legislature that will put these offenders in jail with a very stiff fine.

Susan Moore

I believe that any Idiot that ABUSES any Animal should be done the SAME WAY as he or she did to these Precious Animals. Love to all these Precious God's Creatures.

animal lover

As I read the comments it is reassuring to see that so many people understand that animals have feelings and should be treated with love and respect. The strength of our society can be judged by how we treat the most vulnerable among us.

F LaTona

I have two Pittbulls, a cat and 2 birds all rescued. One of the dogs was from ASPCA What a wonderful organization. Keep up the great work.

F LaTona

What beautiful eyes Taco has. They tell a story....he's a survivor!

Caren Boyd

What an adorable face! I am so grateful for all of those who helped Taco survive. And SHAME on those that hurt him. While I am not a vindictive person by nature, I do believe they will get what they deserve in due time. People that lack compassion are lost souls.

joann ilgenfritz

I certainly hope that someday our law makers will understand that animals are not chattel but flesh and blood and that animal abuse will not be tolerated in any form. We need strict laws governing this and these abusers need to be thrown in jail with a sentence of at least three years, to start, with no parole. Until this is accomplished, we need to keep fighting for these little ones.