Paralyzed Pup Gets a Second Chance at Life

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 1:30pm

At four years old, Taco seems like any other dog. He plays with toys, snuggles in bed, and runs around with fellow pups. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that Taco isn’t like most other dogs. He has a limp, a drag in his step that serves as a reminder of all he has been through.

You see, Taco’s life wasn’t always toys and blankets. Last year, his neck and spine were broken when he was thrown from a moving car. By the time he made it to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, he was paralyzed.

Doctors at our hospital moved into action quickly, only to discover that much of the damage to Taco’s vertebrae was inoperable. Determined to help the 10-pound pup, they began a regimen of intensive care that involved painkillers and a full-body brace—keeping him safe and comfortable until he was strong enough to begin physical therapy.

During his stay at the hospital, Taco received love, attention, and unwavering care, possibly for the first time in his life. Slowly but surely, he regained his mobility. When he was ready, he transferred to our Adoption Center and was quickly adopted into a loving home. Though Taco will always have a limp, his new family tells us that “he is full of energy and life, and he never lets his gait hinder his stride.”

When you donate to the ASPCA, you are supporting the anti-cruelty work, medical expertise, and adoption services that make us national leaders in animal welfare. Without these things, Taco might not have survived.

We believe that one day, animal cruelty—like Taco’s trauma—will be a distant memory. But until then, we need your support to keep saving lives. Please make a gift today.

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Anna Marie

Thank you aspca for what you do!!

M. Schulman

They need to make laws stricter to protect these helpless animals. Makes me sick to think someone could throw a dog out of a moving car. If I saw it happen, he would be the one in the hospital.


I cannot believe Taco is standing and moving after that horrific trauma. To all of you...a big THANK YOU! You are truly heroes...


it is a shame that some of 'US', the "Human Race", are born without any Humanity!What has any animal done to us humans, but retaliate in self defense? Have you heard of any animal even killing another just for the sake of killing? They kill only to satisfy their hunger and nothing more. But, we shameless "Humans", we just kill because we feel like it!! I think we should be ASHAMED. And to hurt an animal? I shun to even think of it. God will definitely give it back to the person who does so, not just a few fold, but millions of times over. They will suffer, and suffer, and suffer......

Carmen Lanning

How wonderful to know people cared enough to give him a quality life!

Carmen Lanning

How wonderful to know people cared enough to give him a quality life!


Taco is a miniature Pincher, not a chihuahua. Min Pin's are a huge handful! However, I love mine! Peopel need to become activists and change laws protecting all animals from Humans!


I cannot understand how anyone could harm a poor defenseless little creature. Thanks goodness for the folks who rescued and nursed little Taco back to health. He's a cutie!!!


I became known as the "cat lady" of my block...I had 2 cats and began feeding this feral that came into our yard. 12 years later, I have trapped over 47 ferals, taken them to a rescue group that tames ferals and they are now in loving homes...I have had people throw pregnant cats out, toss out house cats with no claws and no way to survive...if people do not know it, feral cats are wild and they will kill a house cat if they feel it is entering their colony...we have lost 2 cats due to people hitting them with an object or their car, but right now, I have 3 remaining and this entire group will be took almost 11 years to neuter and rescue all the cats as they kept having more babies, but finally, we are down to 2 males and 1 female - we just need to find where she had her kittens and then she will be trapped...

the males are growing familiar with each other, and one even comes in our backyard and watches over my two females...they play with him and he will make a great house cat once he is trapped...

please give to rescue groups or the aspca...they do wonders with animals that people feel are only there until they get bored with them...

and like this little guy, rescued animals make the greatest pets!

shelby jones

If you would have had him seen by a veterinary chiropractor, he wouldn't have had to suffer nowhere near so long. Your insurance company is way behind the times thinking that chiropractic is holistic, and you won't pay. If you ever went to a chiropractor yourself, you would know better. I'm guessing that this won't be on here long, but maybe someone in your organization will get this message and do something about it.