Paralyzed Pup Gets a Second Chance at Life

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 1:30pm

At four years old, Taco seems like any other dog. He plays with toys, snuggles in bed, and runs around with fellow pups. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that Taco isn’t like most other dogs. He has a limp, a drag in his step that serves as a reminder of all he has been through.

You see, Taco’s life wasn’t always toys and blankets. Last year, his neck and spine were broken when he was thrown from a moving car. By the time he made it to the ASPCA Animal Hospital, he was paralyzed.

Doctors at our hospital moved into action quickly, only to discover that much of the damage to Taco’s vertebrae was inoperable. Determined to help the 10-pound pup, they began a regimen of intensive care that involved painkillers and a full-body brace—keeping him safe and comfortable until he was strong enough to begin physical therapy.

During his stay at the hospital, Taco received love, attention, and unwavering care, possibly for the first time in his life. Slowly but surely, he regained his mobility. When he was ready, he transferred to our Adoption Center and was quickly adopted into a loving home. Though Taco will always have a limp, his new family tells us that “he is full of energy and life, and he never lets his gait hinder his stride.”

When you donate to the ASPCA, you are supporting the anti-cruelty work, medical expertise, and adoption services that make us national leaders in animal welfare. Without these things, Taco might not have survived.

We believe that one day, animal cruelty—like Taco’s trauma—will be a distant memory. But until then, we need your support to keep saving lives. Please make a gift today.

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Dresia Vaughn

I agree with you. Actually, my punishment would be, to cut the hand off that threw this dog from the moving car.

i wish i had been a killer bee, i would have flown in that car and stung every last one of those evil roaches for throwing that innocent dog out of the car. People think, Animals don't have a place in heaven, people think, animals have no feelings, they mean nothing, they don't love, care, feel sadness, happiness, but they are dead wrong. God will bless those and anyone who help and save animals. they are his creation too. Karma to the RATS that threw this dog into moving traffice. They are surely of the DEVIL>

Julianne the Xa...

Those who say animals have no souls and will never be in Heaven need to read Genesis... after the flood, the Lord made His covenant with EVERY LIVING THING. NOT just humankind! Why would He covenant with creatures who lack souls?

Dresia Vaughn


Laura Zertuche

I donate $$$$ :) to the ASPCA and other organization as well I love animals I love all animals big or small. I think Taco is Cute I wouldn't mind to care for taco as well. he would be in a loving home with all the comfort and care that he can ever received. :)

John I.

Anyone who says that animals do not have souls has never known the love of an animal. I beieve in all my heart and mind that animals have souls and that we will be reunited in the after life.

John I.

Anyone who says that animals do not have souls has never known the love of an animal. I beieve in all my heart and mind that animals have souls and that we will be reunited in the after life.

alice price

people don't understand that animals are God's creatures, read the bible, there will be severe punishment for anyone who harms an animal.... thank you for all you do !!!!!

Josefina Aiyar

Laws need to change to punish severely to those who hurt innocent defenseless animals. That's the reason why all this mean people get away with this type of things. Shame on them!

Laura Boyce

I so agree with you. We all need to do our part in stopping animal abuse. If we see it happen, try to get a license plate no. and report it to the police. Our laws need to be strict regarding individuals who are cruel to animals, whether the animal is a pet or in the wild.

Peteena Poodle

You know whats are very sweet intelligent little animals. They are far worse than rats!