Outrage Over Video of Man Shooting Horse

Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 4:15pm
Outrage Over Video of Man Shooting Horse

Last week, the Internet exploded over a widely shared video of a New Mexico man, Tim Sappington, shooting a seemingly healthy, young horse between the eyes while cursing out “animal activists.” The video is horrifying, and Sappington is under investigation by the New Mexico Livestock Board for animal cruelty.

Sappington worked for the Valley Meat Company in Roswell, New Mexico—the same slaughterhouse that has an application pending with the USDA for permission to slaughter horses for human consumption. 

While we mourn Sappington’s victim, this callous fan of horse meat may have actually helped our mission more than he harmed it by exposing horse slaughter for what it is: cold and cruel. The video generated a firestorm of public and media criticism about the ongoing efforts to reopen horse slaughter plants in the U.S., as well as interest in the related legislative efforts to prevent it.

Take Action
The ASPCA has worked closely with federal legislators and other advocacy groups to develop the SAFE Act, a bill that will ban the slaughter of horses nationwide. Please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to urge your U.S. senators and representative to support and cosponsor the SAFE Act.

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Tiffany Pulliam

If only laws would protect all animals from being murdered! Go vegan!!!




New Mexico thank you for investigating this horrible cruelty to an innocent horse by this man simply because he dislikes people that love animals, which I might add is probably the largest population on the planet. There are very few people that don't love some kind of animal and most of us love all living beings and want justice for them as well. Thank you again for seeing that justice is done and that Tim Sappington will remember this for the rest of his days.


Every mass murderer that I can think of started out by doing this type of stuff to animals. Animal cruelty laws need to reflect this fact. They are sociopaths and there is no cure for sociopaths. Lock them up forever.


Cruelty to other humans often starts with animal cruelty. I hope they prosecute to the full extent of the law

beverly koblick

convict and prosecute this piece of filth and send a message to those who think they can harm the helpless and get away with it.Rest in peace, beautiful horse.

Karuna Sinha

Please sign my petition to prevent animal cruelty!


I am Definitely against the slaughter of horses for human comsumption, - I am concerned about their slaughter outside of USA as well! If we do not have slaughter here in the USA, our horses are shipped to Mexico for slaughter where they are tortured, even worse at a mexican slaughter house! I spoke with a Truck driver that said " the horses are crammed onto the truck, no food no water for over 30 hour drive to Mexican Slaughter house, where they are treated very poorly, the slaughter men enjoy the killings! That is Not acceptable! OUR majestic creatures, Our horses deserve much better! How is a horse put down now a days if it is injured beyond help in the , in extreme pain, or similar, and it is in USA? We need a humane option - Horses cannot just be let go, released, we need to care for them properly - and NO we should NOT being sending OUR horses to slaughter anywhere!