Oops, She Did It Again—Britney Spears Buys New Puppy

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 2:30pm
puppy mill dogs

Even after a terrible experience purchasing a pet store puppy last fall, it appears Britney Spears hasn’t quite learned her lesson. Spears recently purchased a new puppy from a breeder and introduced her “new baby” to fans on Twitter this weekend.

Last fall, Spears reportedly purchased a puppy named Hannah from a Barkworks pet store in Thousand Oaks, CA. The young puppy suffered from multiple illnesses and spent weeks at the vet. What Spears experienced is no surprise to us. Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills where they are kept in filthy cages. These horrific living conditions often lead to poor health and chronic illness.

Pet stores purchase sick dogs and sell them to unsuspecting consumers, leaving the cost of care up to them. This sad truth also applies to dogs sold over the internet.

The standards of care required by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for breeders are also inadequate and leave a lot of room for dogs to be severely mistreated. We can only hope Spears chose a reputable breeder.

We wish Britney good luck with her new dog but urge her to consider making adoption her first option in the future.

Visit to learn more about puppy mills and take the pledge not to buy anything at pet stores that sell puppies.

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It's so sad to see people still buying when so, so many sweet, deserving animals need loving homes. Too bad she still can't set a good example...


How else do you want the dogs from the puppy mills to find a home ?


I expect nothing from a woman whose snatch shows up in public media.


No one said that she was intelligent, seriously! As long as she gives the dog a good home, it's one less poor puppy living in a mill, and that's really what matters.

Until politicians take the puppy mill issue seriously, and that also includes legislation for the sub standard BREEDERS, then it's a revolving door.


She could have set an example to her young fans, there are so many animals that need homes; many of them breed dogs. Why would you not adopt and rescue an animal rather than buy designer puppies.


You have to look at the whole picture when you're talking about puppy mills. By purchasing a puppy from a puppy mill you are enabling them to continue the horrible things they are doing. They are doing this for money. If they don't make money they will get out of the puppy breeding business. Even though you rescue an animal you and others like you are funding this horrible practice. Reporting them, not funding them is the way to put an end to this terrible cruelty.

Beth G.

Meh, what do you expect, this girl is dumber than a bag of bricks. If you've ever seen an interview with her, you'll notice that she's most likely got an IQ well below 90. She's a twit. You can't expect anything out of her other than mistakes.

Josh Jones

Totally untrue about ALL pet stores. Check your facts.


Spears isn't the brightest penny in the bank anyway. What else would you expect? LOL Some people just never get it. She's just another BROWNED eyed, fake blonde that somehow, which is beyond my comprehension, made it. lol