One Person Can Make a Difference: Ashley’s Trip to D.C.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 3:30pm
gray wolf

Guest blog post by Ashley Chengerian, ASPCA staffer and Gray Wolf advocate.

I've loved wolves my whole life. Perhaps it was watching all those TV movie marathons of Dances with Wolves with my dad. Maybe it was reading about them at an early age in Scholastic-ordered books. Whatever the case, they mean something to me. So when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to remove Gray Wolves from its list of Threatened and Endangered Species, I had to speak out.

I knew that other departments within the ASPCA are working to protect wolves, but what’s a citizen advocate to do?

ASPCA Staffer Advocating At Public Hearing First, I did a basic search for online petitions and opportunities to submit official public comments. Most online petitions can save your basic information if you want, which makes signing on behalf of a cause take about two clicks of a button. For this issue, though, I still wanted to do more. I discovered there were several public hearings throughout the country on the potential delisting—so earlier this week, I hopped a bus from New York City to D.C., site of the nearest hearing.

At the hearing at the Department of the Interior, I testified publicly for the first time in my life. What a rush! I immediately felt a sense of pride in our democracy and was humbled to be an active participant. Most surprising, however, was the feeling of interconnectedness throughout the room.

Speaking on behalf of wolves was one of the most gratifying moments I've ever experienced. Whether in-person or online, we all have the ability to be a voice for animals who have none. It just may surprise you how speaking for them will positively impact you.

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