One of the Largest Puppy Brokers Shuts Its Doors!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 2:30pm
puppy in a cage

Guest blog written by Cori Menkin, Senior Director of the ASPCA's Puppy Mills Campaign.

Lambriar, Inc., one of the largest puppy brokers in the United States, has announced that it is closing its kennel doors for good. Puppy brokers like Lambriar are middlemen, buying dogs from puppy mills and distributing them to pet stores throughout the country. Brokers are an important cog in the wheel of the cruel and inhumane puppy mill industry.

When asked why Lambriar is closing its doors, owner Roger Lambert told Kansas newspaper  The Belleville Telescope “When you couple the bad economy with increasing rules and regulations and increased pressure from animal rights activists, well, it just got too hard.”

We have been working hard to shed light on the link between puppy mills and pet store puppies, and it seems to be working! As more and more people take our No Pet Store Puppies pledge not to buy anything in stores that sell puppies, the industry will continue to feel the ripple effects and be forced to make changes.

If you haven’t taken the No Pet Store Puppies pledge yet, please do! And please be sure to share it with your friends so that one day, puppy mill cruelty will be a distant memory.

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nathalie l



good news!

Jonathan Perea

Great news indeed. I won't buy anything at stores that sell puppies.

regina hamilton

This is a big win. I agree, the only way to shut down puppy mills is to have stiff regulations and stop buying puppies/cats in pet stores.


Another one we just need to get Hunte to close down.


When a puppy mill or broker closes it's doors, many rescue organizations try to go and save as many of the dogs if not all, as possible, and then the dogs are fostered/adopted out of the rescue organizations. Which is why it's best to adopt and not "shop".


An online company called pure bred breeders are selling these same dogs as home raised. Please stop them it keeps Puppy mills in business. Pass the laws to help the dogs! join up with the people who are suing the company and its owner.This is a tremendous win for the ASPCA


Do away with kill shelters. Do away with internet 3rd party retailors. They sell these kennel dogs sight unseen. That is how these dogs wind up in kill shelters because they are either sick or not a good family fit. The ASPCA spends tons of reasources saving these lives. Regulation will allow dogs who need homes to get one and then new puppies will go to families who responsibly meet and make sure that this is a new family member and not something they will discard when he pees on the floor or keeps you up at night!


Now we need focus on the Hunte Corp!!

Karmel Jeffrey

YES! Keep Up the Good Work!