One of the Largest Puppy Brokers Shuts Its Doors!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 2:30pm
puppy in a cage

Guest blog written by Cori Menkin, Senior Director of the ASPCA's Puppy Mills Campaign.

Lambriar, Inc., one of the largest puppy brokers in the United States, has announced that it is closing its kennel doors for good. Puppy brokers like Lambriar are middlemen, buying dogs from puppy mills and distributing them to pet stores throughout the country. Brokers are an important cog in the wheel of the cruel and inhumane puppy mill industry.

When asked why Lambriar is closing its doors, owner Roger Lambert told Kansas newspaper  The Belleville Telescope “When you couple the bad economy with increasing rules and regulations and increased pressure from animal rights activists, well, it just got too hard.”

We have been working hard to shed light on the link between puppy mills and pet store puppies, and it seems to be working! As more and more people take our No Pet Store Puppies pledge not to buy anything in stores that sell puppies, the industry will continue to feel the ripple effects and be forced to make changes.

If you haven’t taken the No Pet Store Puppies pledge yet, please do! And please be sure to share it with your friends so that one day, puppy mill cruelty will be a distant memory.

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Thanks for making my day!


Good ridence you scum... People like this sell their children to the porn trade...they have no morals..

Adopt, don't Shop

This is good news. I hope Sharon Munk with BJ and Guys Kennel is next. Also please donate to your local SPCA, not the ASPCA. S/N your pets , but please ADOPT and not SHOP. Thousands need homes and there are not enough homes so they suffer and die. Killed by a gas chamber, needle or heart stick.

Linda Field

This is a step forward for all animal advocates!Let's hope and pray more see the light!

Jackie Kennedy

This is FANTASTIC NEWS, praying that this is the 1st of many Cruel Puppy farms /mills to close down. Let's stop this vile trade in animals for good.

Barbara Niro

I have been a customer of LVS,aka,Lambriar Vet Supply, aka Lambert Vet Supply for years and HAD NO IDEA that this family was associated with puppy distribution, which kept the puppy mills going. I am sick that I ever did business with them and I just let them know it. They lost me as a customer and I'll be sure to pass the word.


This is a big win for everyone.


This is a big win for everyone.

samantha maroney

excellent news....fairwell u parasites!

caroline beaudette

I'm happy to see another step towards such a great cause. Now, puppy brokers should use their "powers" to help place shelter animals the same way they helped promote over population :)