NYC Carriage Horse Flips in Busy Street!

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 4:30pm
NYC Carriage Horse Flips in Busy Street!

It happened again: Yesterday a terrified carriage horse bolted down a busy New York City street, flipped over and was pinned to the ground. As traffic ground to a halt, rescue workers and good Samaritans labored to free the equine from under the wrecked carriage and prevent further suffering.

This is unacceptable. Carriage horses were never meant to live and work in today’s urban settings. From congested city streets to startling noises, New York City is a nightmare for these animals—and current City laws do not afford working horses adequate protection to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

"How many horses and people must be hurt before New York City wakes up and realizes we are in the 21st century?" asks Michelle Villagomez, ASPCA New York City Legislative Director. "Let’s change with the times and push for a safe, humane alternative."

Take Action!
Your help is urgently needed to protect our city's working carriage horses. The ASPCA has been working hard to pass legislation that would take the burden off these horses and create a more humane attraction for tourists. If you live in New York City please urge your councilmember to support and cosponsor Intro. 86A, legislation that would phase out horse-drawn carriages in New York City, replacing them with vintage electric cars. Yesterday’s accident is only the latest reminder that the time has come to get these sensitive animals off our streets.

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ariana christianson

i am so sorry for that horse.

Barbara Curtis-...

Does the NYPD use horses for crowd control or any other reason....?? If so.... WHY??

Joan Sessions

I was born and raised in N.J. right across the river from lower Manhattan. I worked on 39th and 7th ave for years and always hung out in the city.
We always saw these poor babies, day, night, hot ,cold. Looked to me as if they were suffering, not having a good time.
I never rode in one cause I just did not want this poor creature to pull me for no reason.
This is an antiquated thing and needs to stop. Get a bike and ride folks around.

Julie Newton

Here is the contact info for those that cover Central Park. Slam them with emails, calls and letters. Do not use the copy and paste letters, write aggressive letters that have an impact.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Daniel R. Garodnick, 212-788-7393 - call him, he wont give out his email address coward!!

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Manhattan City Council Members

Gale A. Brewer district 6 Manhattan Democrat
Margaret Chin dist. 1 Manhattan Democrat
Inez E. Dickens dist. 9 Manhattan Democrat
Daniel R. Garodnick dist. 4 Manhattan Democrat
Robert Jackson dist. 7 Manhattan Democrat
Jessica S. Lappin dist. 5 Manhattan Democrat
Melissa Mark Viverito dist. 8 Manhattan Democrat
Rosie Mendez dist. 2 Manhattan Democrat
Christine C. Quinn dist. 3 Manhattan Democrat
Ydanis Rodriguez dsit . 10 Manhattan Democrat

Susan Higgins

Awesome Julie, thank you!


Nope, won't let me send msg either...Hello!!! How are we supposed to support and speak up???


I tried to send a message to stop this animal cruelty. I so upset about these poor horses being victimized for the almighty dollar. There is way too much traffic & uncaring, crazy drivers in NYC for horse drawn carriages anymore. It's not only a danger to the horses but to humans also!

Kate Brooks

I believe that animal cruelty & neglect is a criminal act. What is one to do whom has but one voice ? I say start in your own backyard, community and remember if even one person hears we double in strength and numbers. I have the pleasure of being the guardian of the bravest little beagle. Unfortunately the victim of a most horrid act of abuse by a local groomer & lost 3/4 of her hind leg. The sparkle is back in her eyes and that business is now shut down! So , you can make a difference and you are not alone. I thought I was and Had the help of the BBB & the true heroes that are in the trenches 24/7.
Stay strong, Kate Brooks

Scott Loyed

Well, first of all, no one was injured, not the horse, not the driver and no pedestrians. Second, this is an extremely rare occurrence, what, maybe two in 20 years if my facts check out? How many people have been hit by cars or cabs in that length of time?

Horses have been a part of busy city streets for thousands of years. One might say that horses in the city built our civilization.

What we have here is a very vocal, yet uninformed group of Radical Animal Rights Activist who insist that animals have the same rights as humans. This isn't true. Horses have the right to be cared for, fed and loved. If you take the time to look at them on the streets or visit the stables, you will see that those rights are covered.

What's interesting to me is that many of the same people who are complaining about the horses "walking on hot pavement, breathing the poisoned air," etc usually have their dogs with them. Am I missing something here?

As I said, I strongly believe that the push for banning the carriages is the work of a very small group, financed by PETA and a few other special interest groups and and supported by a few politicians who are only out for their votes and campaign contributions. WAKE UP NEW YORKERS! If you don't theses lovely animals and the ambiance they bring to your city may well disappear forever. Don't let the minority and corrupt politicians take away one of your most cherished traditions.


Sounds to me like it's the automobile drivers that are the problem and not the horses. Horses and Carriage Horse do belong in NYC. Only uncaring and unknowing people think otherwise. It's so strange that people believe the propaganda and never bother to find out the truth. This information is nothing but false propaganda and I'm sure will never be allowed on this site. They don't like the truth. Unthinking people just follow and never seek out the facts.