Nubbins and His Bird Buddy Pose for 2014 Calendar

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 1:15pm
Green parakeet sits on white cat friend's back

When Nubbins the cat was found, he was emaciated, riddled with birdshot, and had tumors hanging from both of his ears. But the minute he was removed from his carrier by his rescuers, he started purring. He knew he was finally safe; relief was here at last.

Dr. Patricia Wagner, a veterinarian at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, performed surgery on the sweet feline and fell in love with his kind demeanor. Soon after, Nubbins joined Dr. Wagner’s household. He is incredibly grateful for his second chance and gets along swimmingly with the family’s resident parakeet.

In fact, kitty and bird are stars of the 2014 ASPCA calendar. Check out this adorable behind-the-scenes video of Nubbins sitting for his photo shoot.

Have you received your 2014 calendar? Want another one for friends or family? (They make great gifts!) Make a small donation to the ASPCA, and we’ll send you our 2014 calendar today. Thank you, as always, for your support. It makes stories like Nubbins’ possible.

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I cried when Patricia kissed him! so wonderful! ahhh. I give to a good handful of animal charities. Our furry friends need us. :)


And an extremely kind hearted vet!

E. Culpepper

Kudos to Dr. Wagner for saving Nubbins and all the other great things that ASPCSA does!!!
As cute as it is, I cringe when I see photos of cats and birds like this. I do rescue work with birds/parrots and cannot count the number of times people say they use to have a bird! …that their cat/dog and birds were great buddies, but it turned one day and either bit, stomped, slapped the bird killing it. Another huge factor most people do not know about is that if a cat scratches or bites a bird, there are enzymes in their saliva that will kill the bird if it gets into their blood stream and not treated with antibiotics. I was told by a vet that when a cat cleans itself by licking its fur, the enzymes remain on their coat and birds can ingest the enzymes that way as well.
ASPCA does such great work, however I am afraid they are doing the bird/psittacine populations a great injustice by promoting them this way. Due to ASPCA’s reputation, most people will see this photo in their calendar and think this interaction between a predator and prey is acceptable; however I see it as dangerous situation for the bird, one which they normally do not survive.


Just beautiful! He's gorgeous and special I love him! He's so gentle with his little brother the parakeet =) God bless


I'm so amazed & I'm sure he's very thankful. He had a Guardian Angel looking out for him that day!


Beautiful story, These are the types of stories that should be on National News. Inspire people that good in the world still exists because of these awesome people saving lives

Elisa Affanato

This beautiful story made possible by special people is yet another reason I am inspired to donate. Thank you for taking the time to care for this sweet creature. Bless you for giving her a warm home.

Victoria Hellweg

I had Annie for 17 x years, recently she went to kiddie heaven.
The resemblance between Nubbins and her is amazing. Nubbins appears to be of a warm and sweet nature just like my dear Annie.

God bless our cats.


Thank you so very much in, loving this beautiful little kitty :) <3


What a beautiful ending to such a cruel beginning. A touching story! Thank you Dr. Wagner for taking Nubbins into your home.