Nubbins and His Bird Buddy Pose for 2014 Calendar

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 1:15pm
Green parakeet sits on white cat friend's back

When Nubbins the cat was found, he was emaciated, riddled with birdshot, and had tumors hanging from both of his ears. But the minute he was removed from his carrier by his rescuers, he started purring. He knew he was finally safe; relief was here at last.

Dr. Patricia Wagner, a veterinarian at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, performed surgery on the sweet feline and fell in love with his kind demeanor. Soon after, Nubbins joined Dr. Wagner’s household. He is incredibly grateful for his second chance and gets along swimmingly with the family’s resident parakeet.

In fact, kitty and bird are stars of the 2014 ASPCA calendar. Check out this adorable behind-the-scenes video of Nubbins sitting for his photo shoot.

Have you received your 2014 calendar? Want another one for friends or family? (They make great gifts!) Make a small donation to the ASPCA, and we’ll send you our 2014 calendar today. Thank you, as always, for your support. It makes stories like Nubbins’ possible.

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Stephanie Costa

A wonderful all of us who rescue animals. I have 2 former street cats, one from Tampa, 16 yrs old and one from San Carlos, MX, almost 2 yrs old. Thank you Dr! Please adopt or rescue a cat, your life will be so enriched!


sweetest story and cat ! I wish more people like this existed!


What a beautiful story....Nubbins demonstrates the unconditional love that kitties give to us. No matter what has happened they are able to let us know how grateful they are. The love between Nubbins and his mom is so evident n this film. He puts his head on her arms in such a loving way......thank you for saving him but I see you are rewarded every day!


Thank you for taking care of Nubbins.

elizabeth rogers

Thank you for the amazing work you do to give pets in need a second chance! I am passionate about helping animals in need and the work ASPCA does inspires me to do more in my community. Thank you!

Mary Cervencik

What a beautiful cat Nubbins is! He looks so gentle and happy with his parakeet friend. Thank you Dr. Wagner for taking care of Nubbins and giving him a loving furever home! This is truly a happy ending story! Happy tears for Nubbins! Have a long and happy life with your furever family! <3

Cecilia R.

He is so cute and gets along with the parakeet quite well. Bless them both. And God bless Dr. Wagner for taking him into her home and family and giving him a second chance at life. You are all winners.


Beautiful cat..and woman!!

Patricia T

Dr. Wagner
God bless you and Nubbins.


It was a much needed happy story for the day. I started out the morning reading about a horrible kitten abuse story on a regional news website. It left me feeling sick. This was a nice way to end the day.