Nubbins and His Bird Buddy Pose for 2014 Calendar

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 1:15pm
Green parakeet sits on white cat friend's back

When Nubbins the cat was found, he was emaciated, riddled with birdshot, and had tumors hanging from both of his ears. But the minute he was removed from his carrier by his rescuers, he started purring. He knew he was finally safe; relief was here at last.

Dr. Patricia Wagner, a veterinarian at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, performed surgery on the sweet feline and fell in love with his kind demeanor. Soon after, Nubbins joined Dr. Wagner’s household. He is incredibly grateful for his second chance and gets along swimmingly with the family’s resident parakeet.

In fact, kitty and bird are stars of the 2014 ASPCA calendar. Check out this adorable behind-the-scenes video of Nubbins sitting for his photo shoot.

Have you received your 2014 calendar? Want another one for friends or family? (They make great gifts!) Make a small donation to the ASPCA, and we’ll send you our 2014 calendar today. Thank you, as always, for your support. It makes stories like Nubbins’ possible.

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jo patterson

People that abuse animals do not deserve the blessing of being human. I'm thinking Nubbins could be given artificial ears. After all, cats need to funnel sound to pinpoint its original source.


I know donations rely on emotion. However, this is taking it too far.
Does 'The A' really need to be told that cats are predatory by nature?
Next time you want to tug on hearts, I certainly hope you do it in a more reponsible manner, thus minimizing the damage you are potentially causing with the message you are sending.
Cats & birds do not mix.

jo patterson

Since you opened that door, humans and dinosaurs would have been a bad mix as well.

Susan K

Nubbins, I am a dog girl, but I would take you home in a minute!! You have such beautiful eyes and I'm happy that you are in a great, loving home!!

Linda R

We had a feisty rescue, "Doc" who had partial ear amputations caused by ear mites. He was a skinny less than 6lbs, sad & frightened neighborhood kitty who had been "put out" by his family because of their two large German shepherds who were never trained to love their kitty brother. Doc ate lizards and mice and voles to manage until he finally accepted food from us and came inside. He may have lived forever if he had been cared for always. How could his first family, having saved him as a tiny kitten out of a dumpster, just let him go homeless. He became the older brother to our Mommy Kitty and daughter Elsa Baby and managed to pass over the Rainbow Bridge after 4 years with us at 18. We all still miss his demand for our love and his sweet, sweet tiny face. Nubbins is a lucky guy and we wish him a long and happy life with his caring lovely family and feathered friend.

Steven Kunzer

That is just great to see he survived all the horrors and had that grin. He looks really nice without the ears too.


God bless you Dr. Wagner for trying to and Successfully saving Nubbins life. I used to work at an animal shelter, I'm sure we would have euthanized him after the required 3 day hold. You can tell he is loving life!


Such an uplifting story. Nubbins has a adorable face, he is precious! Thanks for sharing his happy ending.


Nubbins is just so precious and such a precious being. He so deserves such a wonderful life with Dr Wagner and his parakeet friend. Thank you for this heartwarming tale.


Dr. Wagner deserves a huge round of applause from the entire world. I'd be happy to be the first.