Now Recovered from Starvation and Wounds, Briana Is Ready to Go Home!

Friday, December 28, 2012 - 1:45pm
Brown and black dog with pointy ears looking at camera

Guess who just became available for adoption?? Briana, the starving, injured German Shepherd mix who was found tethered in a yard back in August.

Here’s what Briana was dealing with when she came to us: starvation, dehydration, flea infestation and, perhaps most horrifying, a deep neck wound from a collar left on so long it became embedded in her flesh.

Briana recovered beautifully over several months, revealing herself to be a mellow, soulful lady who loves to play with toys and receive attention from people.

Know anyone who’d be interested in ringing in the new year with a loyal companion like Briana? Check out her page for more info.

This resilient, amazing pup deserves to learn what a loving home is like.

Can’t give Briana a home but still want to help? Donate to the ASPCA before January 1 and you’ll receive a 2012 tax break.