For North Dakota Pets, We Need a YES! on Measure 5!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 2:30pm

Guest blog post from Jessica Johnson, Grassroots Advocacy Manager for ASPCA Government Relations.

North Dakota is one of only two states that still classify even the most malicious acts of animal cruelty as weak misdemeanors. For years the state legislature has refused to take action, so the citizens of North Dakota took the matter into their own hands and gathered more than 25,000 signatures—almost double the amount needed—to put Measure 5 on the ballot this Election Day.

If passed, Measure 5 will protect pets by making extreme cruelty to dogs, cats and horses a class C felony.

Having grown up in northern Minnesota, I feel at home in the Midwest. That’s why I was shocked and horrified to hear this week that a woman in Wisconsin was arrested for deliberately torturing, poisoning, and killing her boyfriend’s dog. There is some relief in the fact that the Wisconsin woman will be charged with felonies and faces five or more years in prison. But if this dog had been tortured and killed in North Dakota, the abuser would get only a slap on the wrist.

I want nothing more than to see Measure 5 passed into law by North Dakota’s voters on November 6—that’s why I’m digging my winter boots and sweaters out of the closet and heading to Bismarck to work on the YES! on Measure 5 campaign!

Please call, email, and text your friends and family in North Dakota and ask them to vote YES! on Measure 5. And if you or someone you know are in North Dakota and want to join me and other volunteers in our efforts to get out the YES! on Measure 5 vote, please email me at [email protected]. Let’s do this for the animals!

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Definitely agree.

Celine Villax

We need yes on measure 5!

Glory Urbina

Yes on Measure 5

Jasmine Tang

Love animals, we are their only hope!


This has gone on far enough. We must take action for this cause because it's just not right to abuse animals and get away with it! Why is it it's such a crime to harm other humans but it's barely a crime if we hurt animals? Proud vegetarian who believes animals have had enough.


Animals have no voice! We need to protect are wonderful creatures who only want to love and be loved!


Agreed! We are the voice for these pets. Let's give them the justice they deserve!

Silvia Perez Go...

Pets and animals are human beings. As such, they deserve respect, peace, love, and a voice to protect them
That's why it's urgent and obvious, the measure is needed!
Yes for them!

Scott Boura

This is a horribly written piece of legislation. It does not address the most prevalent form of animal cruelty..NEGLECT.. This will allow us to take enforcement action if a person is beating an animal but does nothing to help if that same person is starving it. This is a half hearted attemt to get cruelty probelms resolved and misses the most prevalent problem... VOTE NO and get this done right.