New York Passes Pet Dealer Bill—On to the Governor!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 4:45pm
Small white dog wearing blue collar sitting in crate

We commend the New York State Legislature for passing a bill that gives local governments better tools to regulate puppy mills and pet stores. Passed last week in the final hours of the state's 2013 session, the bill, A.740-A/S.3753-A, now moves to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk for his signature.

New York State’s “pet dealer” laws regulate commercial pet breeders and pet stores that sell live animals. These laws are quite weak, allowing these pet dealers to house animals inhumanely and sell sick animals to unsuspecting consumers.

Many local governments across the state want to stand up for dogs suffering in puppy mills and pet stores by enacting stronger regulations—but bizarrely, current state law expressly prohibits them from doing so. In fact, New York appears to be the only state where this is not permitted. If approved by the governor, A.740-A/S.3753-A will fix this problem by allowing local governments to exercise their home rule authority to regulate pet dealers.

If you live in New York, you can help! Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to quickly and easily contact Governor Cuomo to urge him to sign this legislation into state law.

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Carol Ryder Esquire

Great start. Suffolk County tried to ban sales of puppies and kittens in our own county and our own Legislature successfully passed the ban. However, local pet stores that disgustingly, cruelly sold dogs and cats (puppies and kittens) chipped in their blood money and blocked it, arguing only NYS could ban sales of such. Mind you, for decades, sales of similar "chattel" (alas, as animals are considered under current NYS law, at least until the CACB-Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill, or similar is passed), that can be banned in our own county was the county's purvey. This includes things like "bath salts". This goes to show you what pet stores that sell puppies and kittens are about. Well, here it is. It needs to be signed, sealed, enacted and actually ENFORCED!!! And, all this does is allow localities to ban it if they choose. So, YOUR lawmakers locally need to do what they need to do.