New York City Dog Rescued from Cruelty, Now Thriving With Loving Family

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 2:15pm
Relaxed dog laying on floor

In October 2013, NYPD officers responded to multiple calls reporting a case of animal cruelty in the Bronx. Their investigation revealed that a dog named Red was indeed a victim of cruelty. His owner was subsequently arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Luckily, this was just the beginning of a transformation for Red. When he arrived at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, he was thin and had multiple wounds on his head and leg. Red received treatment including IV fluids, pain medication and antibiotics. After six weeks of care and recovery, Red was ready to find a new forever home.

Just before Christmas, Red went home with adopter Zach C. to begin his new life as a beloved pet. Red, now known as Hank, is thriving with Zach and his cat, Frank.

"ASPCA volunteers stayed late so that I could bring Hank home before the Adoption Center closed for the holidays,” Zach says. “Hank is now part of the family and adds his own personality to an already happy home. There's nothing like waking up with a dog who is excited to play and hang out with me all day.”

Brown pit bull sitting on sidewalk

Zach reports that while he was initially nervous about Hank and Frank getting along, the two are very curious about each other and love to compete for the attention of Zach and his girlfriend.

We’re thrilled that Hank is so happy and healthy in his new home. Unfortunately, thousands of animals are victims of cruelty nationwide. If you live in New York City and witness animal cruelty, please call 311 (or 911 for crimes in progress) to notify the NYPD. To learn how to report cruelty in your state, please visit our Reporting Cruelty FAQ.

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I cried happy tears reading this. I am so happy for Hank :) thank you Zach and Frank <3 and ASPCA


I just love happy endings

donald j dixon

I can't believe animal cruelty is only a misdermeaner. That's outrageous. Animals are basically defenseless against humans. Crimes against animals deserves felony charges!


Great job Zach! I also want to thank the people that reported this, without you Hank would have lived a horrible life that he didn't deserve. I know people get scared, busy or think someone else can deal with it----please, don't be one of those people. In this life you have to stand up for whats right, you'll feel great when you do!


thank god that hank is out of that cruel home and now in a loving environment. now, why was the former owner only given a misdemeanor? if you did this to a kid you'd be in jail, a misdemeanor is just a slap on the wrist and a finger shaking "no" in your face

Elaine Cummings

So great that 'Hank' got "Home for the Holidays!" The man who inflicted the cruelty, well, THAT'S another story. Misdemeanor, my hat! The people who harm animals need a taste of their own medicine. So, to my way of thinking, the guy ought to suffer a bit of what he handed out to that poor dog. I know it won't happen, but it should. Laws are way too weak for this sort of thing, leaving the courts helpless to do anything further.


I'm so happy to hear this precious pup has a happy home now. I won't tolerate any type of cruelty or abuse. It's senseless and evil. Those who are guilty of it need to be justly punished and deserve to suffer for their actions. We are the very proud owners of three rescues that give us endless love and joy. I'm always glad to help any animal.


Look at that beautiful loving face. What kind of soul must one have to harm to innocent.


I am so happy to hear that Hank finally has the great home that he deserves! I also have a rescue Beagle and a rescue Kitty! They love each other now : )


Why the hell is that a misdemeanor? That should be a damn felony! People that do these thing to animal should spend a lot more time in jail.