New York City Dog Rescued from Cruelty, Now Thriving With Loving Family

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 2:15pm
Relaxed dog laying on floor

In October 2013, NYPD officers responded to multiple calls reporting a case of animal cruelty in the Bronx. Their investigation revealed that a dog named Red was indeed a victim of cruelty. His owner was subsequently arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Luckily, this was just the beginning of a transformation for Red. When he arrived at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, he was thin and had multiple wounds on his head and leg. Red received treatment including IV fluids, pain medication and antibiotics. After six weeks of care and recovery, Red was ready to find a new forever home.

Just before Christmas, Red went home with adopter Zach C. to begin his new life as a beloved pet. Red, now known as Hank, is thriving with Zach and his cat, Frank.

"ASPCA volunteers stayed late so that I could bring Hank home before the Adoption Center closed for the holidays,” Zach says. “Hank is now part of the family and adds his own personality to an already happy home. There's nothing like waking up with a dog who is excited to play and hang out with me all day.”

Brown pit bull sitting on sidewalk

Zach reports that while he was initially nervous about Hank and Frank getting along, the two are very curious about each other and love to compete for the attention of Zach and his girlfriend.

We’re thrilled that Hank is so happy and healthy in his new home. Unfortunately, thousands of animals are victims of cruelty nationwide. If you live in New York City and witness animal cruelty, please call 311 (or 911 for crimes in progress) to notify the NYPD. To learn how to report cruelty in your state, please visit our Reporting Cruelty FAQ.

Ready to help more animals like Hank in 2014? Join us! Become an ASPCA Guardian, and for just a few cents a day, you can make a huge impact on countless lives.

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Yes Emma, you are right. I consider anyone that adopts a rescue pet to be not only a valued member of society, but proudly as my friend.

Mommy of 4 rescues

I am so very happy for Hank, happy that he has a cat friend to spend his days with. Zach you and your girlfriend are very special people...My name says it all, we do have 4 rescued dogs. Jackie, a 2 year old Rat Terrier rescued in 2005 at a California shelter less than an hour after her owners released her because they were getting a divorce and neither could keep her. I asked a volunteer if they left their kids there too! Off to a local Pets Mart where she was joined by her 2 year old adopted brother Paco, a Chihuahua mix. He is very verbal, we swear it sounds like he is talking.
In 2010 we decided that we had plenty of love yet to give, we adopted Sweeti, a 3 year old long hair Black & White apple head Chihuahua. I promptly nicknamed her Panda~~nothing to do with her coloring, it is short for Pandaemonium. She had & still has the energy of a puppy!
This past June while driving home from the market I saw what looked like a white rat alongside farmland on a road that is always busy. A second glance said no rat! It was a very small puppy. I pulled over, he came right to me. Into the car with him, it was about 98 outside and he was very hot. I wet his head with water then gave him as much water as he could hold. At which time in gratitude, he promptly baptized the passenger seat. Home into an air-conditioned house and a crate with torn newspaper, a small bowl of water, which he fell into, and a few pieces of kibble that he just sniffed, then fell asleep.
Visiting friends arrived a bit later looking him over we all agreed that he wasn't yet fully weaned. Cooked rice, pureed with some half-and-half, in a poultry infuser without the syringe of course, he was eating like a champ. We took him immediately out to the dog run to relieve himself. Suddenly he just froze, we looked where he was looking, he was watching Paco peeing on a tree, the look on the puppies face was priceless and you could see him thinking, "how can he do that standing on three legs!"
A trip to our Vet the next day confirmed that he was about 5-6 weeks old. Now approximately 8 months old he is a Reindeer Chihuahua, longer bodied and snout than Sweeti. We named him FRODO because he is very 'Hobbit' forming.
Our home is full of love, dog hair and toys, with all tile floors it is pretty easy to keep up with, much easier than trying to catch Frodo with something he found.


What a great story. If I were an animal, I'd love to live in your house.


Your comment is so touching especially your last comment. Sounds like you should be everyone's friend Brian because your heart is in the right place also when it comes to animals. Thank you for loving your rescues and God bless!


Great to hear that Hank has a happy home with Zack, his girlfriend and Frank. Thanks to the ASPCA for once again coming through for an animal that was in desperate need of help. I will always be there for your great organization with as much financial support that my wife and I can afford on our fixed income. Please folks, give what you can to help a needy animal find the health and love that it deserves.

Zach C

I'm overwhelmed by all of the nice comments left behind. Even after a month, I still can't imagine anyone hurting such a sweet natured dog like Hank.

Hank now spends his days playing with toys, getting belly rubs and long walks in Riverside Park.

No one will ever put their hands on Hank again. You have my word. Long live the ASPCA.

Kind Regards,

Zach Frank & Hank


I have fallen in love with Hank from his wonderful photo. He's just so special. I can tell! Joy and peace to you, your girlfriend, Hank's pal, Frank, and your special boy, Hank. All angels for welcoming this great dog into your hearts and home.


May God bless you all abundantly!


Zach, we all respect you and thank you.

Kathy M.

Thank GOD for people like you Zach!!! Much admiration for you!!