NEW: Tell Us about Your Puppy Purchase

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 3:30pm
dog in crate

If you purchased a dog from a pet store within the past year, we need your help.

We can’t tell you how many calls and emails we get here at the ASPCA from people who bought a puppy from a pet store and didn’t realize, until it was too late, that their puppy was born in a puppy mill. We know that most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, but we want to show people where their local pet stores are getting puppies before they buy! That’s where you come in!

If you bought a puppy from a pet store, you should have been provided with paperwork at the time of purchase that includes the name and USDA license number of the breeder who bred your puppy. Please find that paper and visit our No Pet Store Puppies website to share the information. The information you provide may help us connect your local pet stores to photos of the breeders who supply them.

No judgments here: we urge everyone to make adoption their first option—but if you bought a puppy, you can still assist the ASPCA with our efforts to shed a light on the link between puppy mills and pet store puppies. Thank you!

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I think it is so important for people to see! Adoption and rescue are so important to me and I have several rescue dogs and kitties who were all found as strays. Rescues are the best! :) Another thing that is very important to me is pet nutrition and making sure our furkids get the best food and treats for their health! I have a dog treat business named after my dog who I lost to cancer, Rex's Barkery, I make healthy dog treats, all vegan, organic, allergen free. I am passionate about animals and hope to be able to spread the word about rescue/adoption/spay/neuter etc. You can check us out at and :)


i wish i could check puppy purchase earlier than within this year, i bought mine in 2009, knew close to nothing about puppy mills back then, now with all the knowledge about these plases id like to check from where actually my puppy came in...


Puppy mill literature has been in circulation for decades. Why are people still supporting them? Once should on;y buy a puppy at a store if the store is selling it for a shelter. The shelter contact info is always on the cage. Not to mention, the pet store will make you complete a form and a screening process.

Mary Anne

I have someone who had to "buy" a purebred dog from a breeder so that he could mold the dogs personality. Did not want a "mutt" because he things they are not normal dogs. It's just the way some people are and there is no changing his mind on it.

wendy fitzgerald

Hubby has purchased 3 English Bulldogs from Petland in Naperville, IL. Merlin, our first was healthy and happy but extremely dominant and kept attacking our 6 year old pug. We also have 2 other pugs at 3 and 4 years old. He then brought home King Arthur, english bulldog-perfectly healty and happy but scared of loud noises and the honk of Canadian Geese. Then came little Guinevere, came home on a Tuesday and went to their vet on Wednesday and stayed there for 6 days for pneumonia and dehydration, treated with iv's for fluid and anitbiotics, also a nebulizer for breathing. It's been 6 weeks now and she is still on antibiotics, they say her lungs sound clear but she still has yellow discharge from her poor little nose. I shudder to think what would have happened to her at the pet store, would they have continued to treat her or just let her go. :-( We love all our furbabies (we also have 5 cats, not from pet stores but more or less rescues/adoptees) but it seems we love Baby G the most. Our one pug came from Happiness is Pets in Naperville, she is extremely food agressive and must eat in her crate to keep peace in their world. We call her Miss Barks Alot...that's all she does...I think I've finally convinced hubby not to "purchase" anymore from Petstores no matter how adorable they are...1. because you don't know what you're getting and 2. 5 dogs and 5 cats are all I can handle!

wendy fitzgerald

I forgot to add that our first bully, Merlin was given to Adoptabull out of Chicago, Il to be rehomed so he can be the happy puppy he's meant to be. He is in the process of being adopted this week as his home visit to a new family went so well.

Julia Washenberger

Thank you for doing this. This is much kinder for those of us who will never again make a mistake of purchasing from a pet store. My LiuLiu who is as of yesterday one year rescued from a pet store has changed my life in so many positive ways. Its been disturbing to learn she came from the USDA "monitored" breeder that has been shown on the site and had her in deplorable conditions. Its extremely painful to be more aware of what she was born into and what her parents are still even enduring. We are committed to do whatever we can to advocate for them.


So what do the think they come from? are we that ignorned. Dogs, Cats ECT are big business. Just look at the dog food made in China or Mexico ? we get ride of old people by putting them into deplorable rest homes and forget about them, it is a sad world. I am glad I rescued my dog and proud to tell everyone. She is a pug/terrier misx 9 years old and so special , she can sing a fine tone


I have only adopted or taken in strays. I saw an ad in my local paper advertising puppies, small reptiles and small animals. Ad ended in bolt print, "We buy puppies!"
That bothered me so I called for an explanation. I was told if you have a pregnant dog bring the puppies in, if healthy they would buy them from you. Almost like a puppy mill in my opinion. Since I told them I found that to be unacceptable, I have not seen the ad again. Doesn't mean they aren't still doing it. I am going to send copies of the ad to different organizations.


I live in Mexico City, I rescued and rehab streetdogs and find them their foreverhomes, I started officially doing this since 5 years ago and the 3 main reasons are: the pass-away of my best furryfriend after 16 years, the pain I feel when a dog is negletected or abandoned and the desperation of just saw it and not acted, and the last and main reason is because the only way I could convince my Hubby to have a dog was if he choose it, so he bought our Coco Chanel, a mix of poddle with maltese, when i saw her i knew she wasnt 100% pure because she had her ears brown and all his white body, anywho, who cares, I had a dog! I just loved her! and my hubby asked me if I wanted her, i said yes of course i could not let pass this oportunnity, he was convinced!....after 3 hours she started to vomit and with diarrea, the first night she spent with us she couldnt even breath, as it was too late in the night we couldnt help her but the next day inmediatily took her to the Vet, the Dr couldnt help her, so we took her to the VetHospital and they treated her with very heavy medicines, also she had a huge pasasitosis!!! she even vomited those! it was incrediable how sick she was! so I decided I would do everything I could to save her, only in the first week we spent the equivalent to 500 USD, and she has been so sick since puppy, ears and eyes infections, constantly parasitosis infections and finally allergies to almost everything. Well, she is safe now, but she is frecuently treated against her allergies. The point of this is, that when I realized that Coco was in that health-condition and the "man" who sold her to us, lied when he said she was 3 months old, and really she was only one-month, and he made us to signed a document that dismissed Him for any complain or death of the animal once is out of the store! what a business!, i realized it was a "mafia" the puppy mills! now me and my husband only recommend to adopt never to buy a pet, we are passing the voice after Coco's experience to everybody we know. she had two siblings with her, I think they were either sick and very probably died if they were not sold that day. Please Dont Buy, ADOPT. are thousands of animals in need in your community. Give the chance to one of them, you will not regret now I have other 3 furrykids, one rescued and two adopted from the street.