Victory! New Rule Brings Internet Puppy Breeders under Federal Oversight

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 11:15am

Every year, thousands of puppies are sold over the Internet and shipped to consumers like any other product. Websites advertising happy, healthy puppies commonly conceal a grim reality: They’re often fronts for puppy mills—large-scale, commercial breeding operations that rear dogs in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions with complete disregard for the animals’ wellbeing. Breeding dogs typically spend their entire lives in tiny, wire-bottomed cages churning out litters of puppies until they can no longer reproduce. All of this happens hidden from public view because outdated laws haven’t applied to Internet breeders. Until now.

Today, the USDA steps into the Internet age by issuing a rule that brings breeders selling animals to consumers sight-unseen under the regulatory umbrella of the Animal Welfare Act. That means for the first time, USDA inspectors will be laying eyes on animals who have been ignored for too long.

It also means that the ASPCA will be able to provide the public with a window into Internet breeding facilities through our No Pet Store Puppies campaign. The No Pet Store Puppies site boasts over 10,000 photos taken by USDA inspectors at licensed breeding facilities, allowing you to see where pet store puppies really come from. Once the USDA begins inspecting Internet sellers, we will be able to expose the bleak lives of puppies sold over the Internet, too.

We commend the USDA and the Obama Administration for taking this long-awaited step, and we thank you and the more than 350,000 supporters who told the USDA how crucial this rule is. 

For more information about puppy mills and to see the conditions captured by USDA inspectors, please visit   

Take Action!
It’s important to let government officials know when we think they’ve done a good job—it also never hurts to remind them that animal welfare is important to their constituents. Please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center right now to quickly thank the USDA and President Obama for taking steps to protect our nation’s long-suffering puppy mill dogs.

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Victory? Seriously?

I wonder if the USDA(AKA puppy mill inspector) is donating funds to the ASPCA... I am probably wasting my breath, but for all of you that support these change and hate puppy mills-you are being ignorant. Puppy mills= USDA licensed breeding facilities, and they are legal. There are not enough inspectors to cover the USDA licensed puppy mills as is, and the USDA makes money depending on the profit the puppy mills make…so the USDA is encouraging people to produce more dogs to pay for their expensive fees and kenneling requirements. I say kenneling requirements because these changes mean breeders who actually give a damn about their dogs cannot keep them inside in a home like environment!!! Did any of you cool aid drinking PETA lovers actually read the changes?
You all seem to really care about dogs, and so forth, but this will not benefit anyone except the USDA. If you want to get excited about changes, try lobbying to put breeding restrictions on USDA licensed breeding facilities. Oh wait, that will not happen because the USDA takes a percentage of the puppy mills’ profits. PETA and people like yourself are trying to make it to where there are no animals owned by anyone. I’m sorry, but I am an animal lover, and that is why until now I was a supporter of the ASPCA.
PETA kills more animals than it adopts out, so you can be assured they do not truly give a damn about animals or human life in general. If you truly cared about animals you would crack down on the USDA about doing a better job and restricting the number of times a breeding female can be bred, and so forth. However, that will never happen because the USDA profits from these commercial breeders, so why the celebration? This just means small breeders will either have to stop breeding or they will have to produce more dogs to pay for the licensing and so forth…
And those flea market sellers and backyard breeders everyone hates…Guess what? They are exempt as long as they sell the dogs as breeders or sell them face to face. So go celebrate these worthless rules as the gov’t will not have the manpower to be able to enforce it anyways. I used to support the ASPCA, and I will no longer do so because of this. I will be throwing all of my ASPCA merchandise in the trash where these new rules belong as well, and all my charitable donations will go elsewhere. I hope you take your own advice and stop reproducing yourself. The world needs more people that think like yourself just as it needs more poorly bred dogs. At this rate, it will be a matter of time before our right of owning a dog or any animal for that matter will be taken away entirely or taxed to death! Wake up and stop drinking the cool aid!



If the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT new rule going into effect November 18/2013 don't scare you - this should!
Sooner or latter your pictures will end-up here!


I really like the idea of shutting down all these puppy mills, it's terrible and horrible the way these wonderful pets are treated. On the other hand, what steps are being taken to protect the good breeders. I've visited and gotten pets three states away, and they are wonderful breeders who treat the pets wonderfully. What will happen to them? It just seems the Good guys are getting hammered again when there are greedy people causing the issue.


There are already USDA regulations that are "supposed" to keep breeders on the up and up, but USDA doesn't do that. If they would just do their job right, we wouldn't have this mess of trying to micromanage peoples personal businesses even more. Makes you wonder if these puppy mills who are "passing inspections" that are horrid, are passing money under the table to their inspectors. Why not, it is always about control and money. Let the reputable breeders do their jobs. Let's regulate the USDA so it gets its act together. We all know the gov. always has our best interests in mind, right!