New Report Reveals Scope of Online Puppy Sales

Friday, December 14, 2012 - 5:45pm
Puppy mill dog in cage

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Don’t buy a puppy online! Dogs sold over the Internet and shipped directly to consumers almost always come from puppy mills, and mills shipping pups all over the country do not even have to be licensed and inspected by the USDA.

We’ve been fighting to change that, and we now have more ammunition on our side! Our friends at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) have just published an extensive report that details the size and impact of the Internet puppy-sales industry. Read the report here [PDF].

The ASPCA’s Cori Menkin, Senior Director, Puppy Mills Campaign, served on IFAW’s advisory panel for the report and helped to develop the criteria for recognizing if an online ad was likely from a puppy mill; she also provided counsel to IFAW throughout the process.

When the USDA implements its rule and begins inspecting this new category of breeders, adequate resources will be needed to insure that they are in compliance with the law. The ASPCA and IFAW will work with Congress and the agency to determine how best to enforce the law and bring Internet sellers up to the standards of the Animal Welfare Act.

Remember: Never buy a puppy online! Visit to learn more.

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If you idiots don't stop buying on line we will never close down all those nasty puppy mills SO STOP.......


If you idiots don't stop buying on line we will never close down all those nasty puppy mills SO STOP.......


AMEN !!!


one would think by now !!!! the shelters are so full of those poor puppies ,all one more beautiful one than the other


One of my neighbors bought a puppy from a pet store thinking she was rescuing it. :( I tried to explain but some just do not get it. I even know some people who still dont know what a Puppy mill IS! Spread the Word!

Andressa Gasparelli


You not only killed 'another animal', also killed one person. But what is that to a people, a nation, which has exterminated hundreds of thousands of other people, like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in the late '40s. The Vietnamese in the 70s.

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This number A237550 will become an ICON in denouncing these atrocities committed by you, who call themselves "DEFENDERS OF ANIMALS."

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What you do is cowardice. Cheap demagoguery, using poor defenseless animals and even cheating and deceiving people who in good faith believe their "good intentions" which incidentally tell by the way, hell is full.


Hey guys- thought some of you might be interested in seeing this- Stop Animal Cruelty x


I've given in the past, but, the ads showing the misery of the animals has caused me to stop because I do not like the suffering shown to me every 10 mins.


I think if we don't want to buy a puppy or so on, we should spread the word about to other people who are getting a dog. So far I've been printing flyers from aspca's puppy mill site called nopetstore and giving them to people. Propably the best thing to is spread the word and don't get puppies from pet stores. Because if we all don't pay attention to this cause it will get much more worse and nasty, and we don't want anything like that to happen. :( Please spread the word every body.

We all know that if we ALL ban together, we can stop a lot of the puppy mills.
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