New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

Monday, March 18, 2013 - 4:00pm
New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

We already knew that Greyhounds at racetracks suffer immensely. But today, Greyhound advocate group GREY2K USA released a report that shows just how bad things are for dogs forced to race in Texas.

The report, produced with funding from the ASPCA, showed that at Texas racetracks:

• Greyhounds are forced to live in confined, stacked cages, with large Greyhounds being unable to stand fully erect in their cages.
• In 2012, six Greyhounds died at Gulf Greyhound Park from a form of canine influenza, often a recurring epidemic in cramped living situations.
• In 2011, a Texas Greyhound trainer failed to obtain veterinary care for an injured Greyhound until two days after the injury occurred.
• Greyhounds are fed 4-D meat from diseased animals to reduce costs.

The report also showed that1,507 greyhound injuries were reported at Texas racetracks from January 2008 through December 2011. Fifty-six of these injuries were fatal or required euthanasia, with the most commonly reported injury being broken legs. Other serious injuries reported included torn muscles, puncture wounds, a fractured skull and paralysis.

Frankly, we don’t see why the Texas dog racing industry doesn’t just throw in the towel—Lone Star State residents are way over dog racing. The report shows that gambling on dog racing and dog race attendance are way, way down.

Angry? Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to stand up for animals.

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I live in Pennsylvania and we are doing great up here and we don't have Greyhound racing. Hmmmm maybe it is not really needed.


donate now and SAVE THOSE GREYHOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greyhound racing needs to be banned worldwide immediately.
Animals are not on this earth for humans to profit from. Not everything is about money.
People make me sick. I cannot believe the way some people treat animals & think its ok.Humans do not have the right to treat animals inhumanely.
The cruelty has to stop.


When are these cruel treatments for innocent Grey hound dogs will be finally stopped?? What a shame of the USA Texan people cannot see this type of animal cruelty is not the way to carry on? This is totally an Ugly business for using these beautiful & loving Grey hound dogs for the purpose of winning money profiting from them & depending on them. Shame on those morons who still uses these loving creatures as racing dogs. STOP this madness & create new sports and BAN all those Grey Hound dog races in the state of texas and in the entire country USA.

Linda Shane

These people should be put in cages with their own injuries and left to suffer!! Stop hurting these beautiful dogs. They deserve to be loved. Shame on all of you who race these dogs. May you rot in hell some day.

Sharon Howard

Colorado is used for breeding of these wonderful dogs even though racing is totally gone. We think there are about 20 breeding facilities with racing commission oversight only. Our state animal welfare organization has exempted those facilities from oversight so no one here has the ability to see what is going on inside those facilities.

Truly, legislation is the only way to change things. Get a list of your local, state and federal lawmakers and email or call. Pass along petitions and information as received through Facebook and such.

Most humans have a total disconnect when it comes to animals. Educating others about animal cruelty starts the movement. Educate away and speak up for those whose whimper in the darkness.


that is so sad he/she is skiny


This is BEYOND belief!
From the hell and abuse of Alaska's Iditarod Race, to this nonsense....
This garbage is straight out of the dark ages,and WILL BE STOPPED!
Fans of these "events?....better start looking for new "entertainment"; (shame you weren't born bout 300 years ago, you would have LOVED witch burning....).
These "sports",? Have NO place in our world today,; and neither does ANY one who participates in them!

Kay Weaver

I agree that dog fighting and racing are the same. These dogs should not be allowed to be sold to other countries. I also agree we should all be vegan but how and what can we eat? I have tried the substitute products, yuck. Maybe we should just eat beans, cornbread, and f&v.

Kay Weaver

Since we are talking about animal abuse, this is another money maker that needs to stop.