New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

Monday, March 18, 2013 - 4:00pm
New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

We already knew that Greyhounds at racetracks suffer immensely. But today, Greyhound advocate group GREY2K USA released a report that shows just how bad things are for dogs forced to race in Texas.

The report, produced with funding from the ASPCA, showed that at Texas racetracks:

• Greyhounds are forced to live in confined, stacked cages, with large Greyhounds being unable to stand fully erect in their cages.
• In 2012, six Greyhounds died at Gulf Greyhound Park from a form of canine influenza, often a recurring epidemic in cramped living situations.
• In 2011, a Texas Greyhound trainer failed to obtain veterinary care for an injured Greyhound until two days after the injury occurred.
• Greyhounds are fed 4-D meat from diseased animals to reduce costs.

The report also showed that1,507 greyhound injuries were reported at Texas racetracks from January 2008 through December 2011. Fifty-six of these injuries were fatal or required euthanasia, with the most commonly reported injury being broken legs. Other serious injuries reported included torn muscles, puncture wounds, a fractured skull and paralysis.

Frankly, we don’t see why the Texas dog racing industry doesn’t just throw in the towel—Lone Star State residents are way over dog racing. The report shows that gambling on dog racing and dog race attendance are way, way down.

Angry? Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to stand up for animals.

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I adopted her at age 2 as she did not want to run the whole track.
This put her in upper level of cages peeing & pooing on dogs below.
After 18 mos. of gruel training in Claire, OK, she was sent back to MA and immediately rescued by local org. 1 mon. later we met & I I adopted her. Dogs that don't win are isolated 20 hrs/day in cage. No contact with humans. Met lots of Greys 'til Ginger. She put her head on my knee (DID NOT JUMP) looked at me with her huge brown eyes and we fell in love. She is now 9 & frisky. PLEASE eliminate dog track practices.

Kathy Lipsie

I have owned 2 greys, my mother has owned one, my sister has owned one..They are beautiful creatures and should be treated as beloved pets instead of $$ making possessions. They are truly wonderful animals that are loving and loyal. They just want to be "dogs". Why can't people just wake up and stop the cruel and sometimes inhumane treatment of ALL animals! Someday, KARMA, will come back to get all the uncaring #$%^&$# and show them what it's like. Can't happen soon enough for Me! Too bad all the animal lovers can't be there to see their demise!

Charles Rydell

No names, not even one, of the people who are perpetrating this? Why must I have to read about it in your private emails. Surely someone in your organization must know a journalist who could give this wider attention! Remember Wicks the ball player? Why was he sent to prison and not these cowards? I certainly hope this isn't just to raise money! I'm sure it isn't but still.....

Vicky Kurowski

We used to obtain our dogs fron the now closed down.Dairyland Racetrack in WI. Now we get them from another state.I have seen these living conditions. We have gotten many an injured/sick dog in our rescue. A dog with urine burns cuz he couldn't stand up cuz of a broken leg. These dogs are so sweet and don't deserve. We are hoping to see the end of this racing in our lifetime.When they are done racing the dogs and they don't go into rescue, the lucky ones are euthanized. Sometimes they meet a horrible, painful death. I've seen it.This industry is sad and many dogs are born on the greyhound farm and don't even make it to the track and are destroyed right away.These dogs make the best pets. It seems like they thank you with all they love they give you when they are taken from the track.I'd love to see an end to this.


my heart dies alittle more each time I hear about these cases about these wonderful animals.i use to breed these dogs (not for racing)I might add. but for family pets, these dogs are the most gentle ,compassionate,and loyal dogs and make great family pets,there also wonderful with children to! what is wrong with people? how would you liked to be used and abused and tossed out for garbage, perhaps a taste of your own medicine would be just! I think the law needs to be alot stricker and the jail time alot greater!! BOY DO I WISH I WAS A JUDGE!!!!!

joella corder

This is not a sport, it is abuse and the driving impetus is nothing more than greed!
It is time for Texas to relinquish the title of cruelty, abuse and lack of human compasson regarding both animals and children. The attitude that all that is Texas is big is in direct juxtaposition to the mental and emotional size of the Texans who participate in this cruel abuse of innocent animals.
Stop condoning this travesty against these beautiful dogs!

Foy Tennant

It is truly disgusting at times to be part of the human race. Most people think that sporting animals are treated like royalty-when the opposite is usually the truth. It would actually be the sensible thing to do-but NO. All animal sports should be closly regulated !!! There -- new jobs for this economy ! Do unto others- should be the law AND THE PUNISHMENT !!!!


What is wrong with these idiots!?

Patrick Oliver

Shame Texas!
Do NOT treat animals like that.

Vicky Kurowski

It's not fair to blame the ASPCA. Racing is political. Revenue and tax money.They can't stop the political beast. Obviously, no one can.