New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

Monday, March 18, 2013 - 4:00pm
New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

We already knew that Greyhounds at racetracks suffer immensely. But today, Greyhound advocate group GREY2K USA released a report that shows just how bad things are for dogs forced to race in Texas.

The report, produced with funding from the ASPCA, showed that at Texas racetracks:

• Greyhounds are forced to live in confined, stacked cages, with large Greyhounds being unable to stand fully erect in their cages.
• In 2012, six Greyhounds died at Gulf Greyhound Park from a form of canine influenza, often a recurring epidemic in cramped living situations.
• In 2011, a Texas Greyhound trainer failed to obtain veterinary care for an injured Greyhound until two days after the injury occurred.
• Greyhounds are fed 4-D meat from diseased animals to reduce costs.

The report also showed that1,507 greyhound injuries were reported at Texas racetracks from January 2008 through December 2011. Fifty-six of these injuries were fatal or required euthanasia, with the most commonly reported injury being broken legs. Other serious injuries reported included torn muscles, puncture wounds, a fractured skull and paralysis.

Frankly, we don’t see why the Texas dog racing industry doesn’t just throw in the towel—Lone Star State residents are way over dog racing. The report shows that gambling on dog racing and dog race attendance are way, way down.

Angry? Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to stand up for animals.

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Michael Guest

This should become a thing of the past. When greyhounds are no longer in racing, please give them homes for retirement from show business.


c'mon lets free these greyhounds no one is watching the races any how they should all be put up for adoption . give these dogs a break thanks Bo


This is happening in TEXAS? Why am I not surprised?


It would have been nice to have more information in this article about the work the Greyhound Rescue Organizations do to help these dogs "retire" from racing and find their forever homes. I have 2 retired racers and they are the most wonderful dogs! Even though the state I live in has shut down its tracks, there are several groups that still have mission of helping Greyhounds and work with tracks out of state to transport dogs here for adoption. My husband and I worked with some amazing volunteers to find our hounds. these volunteers are dedicated to finding homes for Greys and helping treat injuries and other medical conditions for the dogs in their foster program and have inspired us to volunteer ourselves. This article is missing that positive information - I'm sure there are some very hard working individuals in Texas helping find homes for Greyhounds.

Alfred L Moniot MD

I don't think so!

Christina Erskine

Please sign any petition you can to rid our country of this so-called 'sport'. Let your legislatures know that this is unacceptable in the new millenium. Occassionally, I run into the greyhound rescue at events here in Michigan. They are such sweet dogs! I would adopt one in a minute if I could. A 3-cat home may not be suitable. Kudos to the greyhound rescues.


This disgusts me. If Texas is so great, why do they allow this to continue? What we will do for money, irregardless of the cost to animals. It's time to arrest these ingorant SOBs and end it NOW!

Franceska Siracusa

What a cruel world. God is crying and so am I, when I hear just how mean man can be toward animals. If I had a farm I would take in as many dogs as I could afford and get them out of racing. All animals belong to God and those that harm them will pay a penalty if not here, in this worl it will be in the next. Shame on all those that use Greyhouds for money makers. How would they like it if their children were used that way? This makes me very sick.

dori lopriore

shame on you all, who keep thes gorgeous creatures captive. you deserve to be in a cage in their place. Just what type of animal are you????? These are majestic, beatiful and deserving of life out of misery. GIVE THEM A CHANCE AT LIFE!!!!!!!!!


Perhaps, we should try the reverse. Put the race track owners in the cages and let them experience what suffering is. Public pressure, letters, and phone calls should help bring more attention to this type of abuse and cruelty. There is no excuse!