New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

Monday, March 18, 2013 - 4:00pm
New Report Highlights Horrors of Texas Greyhound Racing

We already knew that Greyhounds at racetracks suffer immensely. But today, Greyhound advocate group GREY2K USA released a report that shows just how bad things are for dogs forced to race in Texas.

The report, produced with funding from the ASPCA, showed that at Texas racetracks:

• Greyhounds are forced to live in confined, stacked cages, with large Greyhounds being unable to stand fully erect in their cages.
• In 2012, six Greyhounds died at Gulf Greyhound Park from a form of canine influenza, often a recurring epidemic in cramped living situations.
• In 2011, a Texas Greyhound trainer failed to obtain veterinary care for an injured Greyhound until two days after the injury occurred.
• Greyhounds are fed 4-D meat from diseased animals to reduce costs.

The report also showed that1,507 greyhound injuries were reported at Texas racetracks from January 2008 through December 2011. Fifty-six of these injuries were fatal or required euthanasia, with the most commonly reported injury being broken legs. Other serious injuries reported included torn muscles, puncture wounds, a fractured skull and paralysis.

Frankly, we don’t see why the Texas dog racing industry doesn’t just throw in the towel—Lone Star State residents are way over dog racing. The report shows that gambling on dog racing and dog race attendance are way, way down.

Angry? Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to stand up for animals.

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The mistreatment and cruelty in Texas greyhound racing is a black mark against the great state of Texas and should be abolished by state legislative action.


We know you footed the bill for the reporting but what exactly are you doing to prevent this from continuing? to stop the cruelty to these poor animals? Dog racing should be illegal. It's upsetting to know that these people are allowed to treat those dogs poorly. No vet care, dumping them in stacked cages, obviously no walks/exercise other than forcing them to race. I would like to see a report on what the ASPCA is doing to end all this.

Millions have been donated to the ASPCA yet there is still a backlog on animal cruelty reports all over New York. By the time the humane law enforcement actually get to investigate these abuse reports, it's many months later and sometimes too late to even save a life. I'm very upset. I would like to see change. Maybe you guys should hire more animal cops to catch up on your backlog and be up to date. People have donated so much to see animal lives saved. What is the money being spent on?? Many admins?

Cheryl Frassetto

This is so sick and so inhumane! This cruelty HAS to stop!!!! These are beautiful animals that need love, comfort and joy in their lives....being abused is NOT one of them!! STOP THIS INSANE ACT OF CRUELTY!!


I had a greyhound. It was the MOST lovable dog of all times. People that make animals suffer one day will suffer as well. I hope that day comes soon.


Greyhound racing is not entertainment. It is just another explotation sp?
using a wonderful animal to make a buck. Stop this insane form of torture.

Bob and Carolyn P

We are 100% agaist greyhound racing. My wife and I are Greyhound people, we are members of a Greyhound group. The act of racing is clowing coming to an end - many many tracks are closing. It will take time, but we see that one day Greyhound racing will be a thing of the past. Over the years I have been aroung "Great"Hounds, we have not seen one that was not sweet. Adopt one, or two....


Grey2K is my favorite charity. They achieve great results in closing tracks and defending dogs that are victims of the racing industry. PLEASE give whatever you can to them to help them in their worthwhile efforts.


If this type of treatment and abuse was given to thorough bred horses, even the horse owners would be enraged. Greyhounds are bred to race like fine horses are but if we take the joy of running from them by how we treat them, we have no business racing them. I enjoy watching and cheering on a good race - be it human, horse, or even turtles - but the runner must be the one who enjoys it the most and should receive the most benefit from it. If not, then we all are the cruel abusers.

Patricia Miller

I adopted a greyhound, who just turned 2 in December, and she is absolutely one the the most awesome, loving, dogs I have ever had. She is a clown and makes me laugh.

Denise Michel

I can't believe that the United States as a so called civilized nation would allow this to continue. Senators and your eyes and stop greyhound racing altogether. It is not a sport and it should not be tolerated!