From New Orleans to New Jersey, ASPCA Helps 43 Dogs Find New Homes!

Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 12:00pm

Great news! Last week the ASPCA teamed up with animal shelters in Louisiana, Tennessee and New Jersey to help find homes for 43 dogs.

The transport—which began at the LA/SPCA in New Orleans—made a pit stop at AnimalWorks, a spay/neuter clinic in Tennessee where staff helped walk and care for the dogs. The transporters then delivered their precious cargo to St. Hubert’s in New Jersey. The dogs, including a nine-month-old, 118-pound Great Dane puppy named Leo, now have a better chance at finding a home.

“In much of the South where euthanasia rates are high, there are no shelters that can help these animals.  The most viable solution is to transport them to areas of where they are most likely to be adopted,” explains Sandy Monterose, ASPCA Senior Director of Community Outreach.

How Does It Work?
This week’s transport operation is the first of several between the LA/SPCA and St. Hubert’s in the coming months. Each transport will bring approximately 40-60 dogs from the Southeast—where there is an oversupply—to shelters in the Northeast, where dogs are in higher demand. The ASPCA Animal Relocation Initiative will fund all the transports.

“The ASPCA Relocation Initiative works collaboratively to help animals at risk, moving them to where they have the greatest opportunity to find a home,” says Monterose. “We’re happy we can help.”

Special thanks to St. Hubert’s and partners for providing a second chance for these dogs!

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Where on the website can I find these dogs ?

Virginia Valencia

I would like to have this dog if no home can be found for it.


I am in SC and would love to have this pup, would give him loving, safe, and healthy home


Where on the website can I find these dogs ?

Deborah Chiaccio

Live in Cherry Hill NJ interested in the Great Dane sent from New Orleans

carol swallow

very interested in this great dane pup


Prob why they are demand in so many in the SE and needed in north cause I figure all the snowbirds come south (from north) and bring their animals and when the winter is over and they head north They leave their animals down here????? I just adopted a rescue Lab to join my golden Love them both to pieces and would never abandon them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I live in eastern North Carolina but I'm from up north and I witness how the dogs are treated in the South vrs. the North. I'm so glad that the ASPCA is taking adoptable babies where they will be loved and well cared for! I pray that all people adopt a pet and treat them like a part of the family not just a lawn ornament. THANK YOU ASPCA for the great work that you do! By the way I wish you would do the same for North Carolina dogs especially the hunting dogs which are left in cages their entire SAD!

Karis Lee

Luv it... but I fear for the safe ty of my hamsters if I adopt one!


The Memphis, Tennessee Animal Shelter executes 1,000 animals per month! PLEASE ASPCA, please help the unfortunate animals in this shelter by transporting these loving animals to the Northeast to get homes. This is an EXTREMELY HIGH KILL Shelter with a documented history of employee abuse of animals they are supposed to be caring for. You are well aware of this shelter as you headed the "bust" of the shelter in the fall of 2009. It has not improved since.