New Jersey Battles to Protect Pregnant Pigs

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 3:30pm
sad pink pig covered in mud

This summer, the Governor of New Jersey vetoed an ASPCA-backed bill to ban the use of gestation crates. Gestation crates are small cages (about 2' × 7') industrialized farms use for confining pregnant pigs.

We were very disappointed by Governor Christie’s veto, but we were also shocked. It doesn’t often happen that 91% of a state’s residents and an overwhelming majority of a state’s legislators—Democrats and Republicans alike—agree on anything. But in New Jersey, the plight of pregnant pigs gave rise to an overwhelming consensus that no animal should be confined in this intolerably cruel manner.

Thankfully, there is still an opportunity to pass the bill to ban gestation crates: State Senator Raymond Lesniak is spearheading an effort to override the governor’s veto.

The override effort has been endorsed by New Jersey’s leading animal protection groups, national groups, industry experts, and major New Jersey news outlets. Press of Atlantic City called gestation crates “the very definition of cruelty.” Banning them, in the words of the Star-Ledger, is “basic decency.” The Times of Trenton asked us to “imagine the outcry if dogs and cats were subjected to such treatment.” 

If you live in New Jersey, please join us in calling on your state legislators to stand by their principles and override the veto. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center today to be a voice for New Jersey’s pigs.

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I wonder what the Governor would think about the bill if he had been placed in a pen to help him loose weight by limiting the amount of food that he was eating?

Also, I would like to know how many pregnant pigs are put in these pens and the purpose of these pens. This article mentions pregnant pigs and not sows that just gave birth.

However, I would vote for the bill if this was all of the information that I had. Unfortunately, I am not from New Jersey, but if I was, I would contact my congressmen and Senators to have them override the Veto.

This reminds me of a pregnant woman in prison. If a pregnant woman in prison was not given space to exercise and was confined to her cell 24 hrs/day, then most people would consider this inhumane treatment. Is this treatment of pregnant pigs any less inhumane?


These are not the caveman days. Quit torturing and killing innocent animals. Go vegetarian. Human beings have no mercy or compassion for any living being.


I wish the mayor could spend a few days in a crate to see how it feels, hes pathetic, and he shouldnt even be a mayor.

Tricia Hamilton

Why do we as humans keep doing this horrible thing?


I do not know! This needs to stop. Mabye anyone who does that should be killed like the animal they did. Nooo, to harsh. Just put them in jail.

Tricia Hamilton

Why do we keep doing this horrible thing?


How cruel! What will they think of next? Why should animals be treated any different then... YOUR MOTHER OR FATHER! Stop animal cruelty!