New Jersey Battles to Protect Pregnant Pigs

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 3:30pm
sad pink pig covered in mud

This summer, the Governor of New Jersey vetoed an ASPCA-backed bill to ban the use of gestation crates. Gestation crates are small cages (about 2' × 7') industrialized farms use for confining pregnant pigs.

We were very disappointed by Governor Christie’s veto, but we were also shocked. It doesn’t often happen that 91% of a state’s residents and an overwhelming majority of a state’s legislators—Democrats and Republicans alike—agree on anything. But in New Jersey, the plight of pregnant pigs gave rise to an overwhelming consensus that no animal should be confined in this intolerably cruel manner.

Thankfully, there is still an opportunity to pass the bill to ban gestation crates: State Senator Raymond Lesniak is spearheading an effort to override the governor’s veto.

The override effort has been endorsed by New Jersey’s leading animal protection groups, national groups, industry experts, and major New Jersey news outlets. Press of Atlantic City called gestation crates “the very definition of cruelty.” Banning them, in the words of the Star-Ledger, is “basic decency.” The Times of Trenton asked us to “imagine the outcry if dogs and cats were subjected to such treatment.” 

If you live in New Jersey, please join us in calling on your state legislators to stand by their principles and override the veto. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center today to be a voice for New Jersey’s pigs.

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I would like to know if anyone knows a farmer in new jersey that uses these crates? I raise pigs and if I had a crate it would be a lifesaver, since the sows lay on their young and kill them. A crate reduces the death rate of young piglets. PLus a sow after giving birth usually does not move very much if at all for three days. If you want to protect an animal, you should try raising pigs first and know what the hell you are talking about.!!


Three days in a crate is not the same as a lifetime in crate. I have great respect for our farmers. They are decent, hard-working people who usually care a great deal for the animals; but the sarcastic tone and mean spirit of Debra's email is a turn off.


Emma is right!


Hi Debra,
Thank you for your comment but this bill wouldn't ban farrowing crates, which is used to separate piglets from their mother. Gestation crates confine mother pigs while pregnant, hence the word "gestation" in gestation crate. Sad to see farmers like yourself back Big Ag when they're actively trying to put people like you out of business.


hey after you have been in a crate for a while lets see how you feel.


Well said Debra. I could not agree more!!

Margot Alten

Please NJ - come out in droves to vote this bully of animals and people out of office

R Jos

All power to State Senator Lesniak to override the insensitivity of the Governor's veto, how sad for all the animals in this man's state.


Please override this veto!!! Use your power and influence to make positive changes in the world.


Gestation crates are cruel and inhumane. This is wrong. Why are humans so insensitive when it comes to farm animals.