Neglected Senior Dog Needs a Hero!

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 1:45pm

Not every visitor to the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC sees something special in Britney, but a local artist did. Whoever adopts this sweet senior gets to take home a beautiful portrait of their new dog!

The artist chose Britney to paint instead of the hundreds of other animals in our care, and we think we know why. Britney’s life has been so hard.

When she came to us through Humane Law Enforcement last year, Britney was in lots of pain, suffering from multiple untreated conditions. But with ASPCA veterinary care and attention, she is now as healthy as possible. In her opinion—and ours—Britney is ready to find her forever home.

For now, Britney spends her days quietly sleeping in her habitat until it’s her turn to be walked. She seems to know that she doesn’t belong here. And yet, it’s been more than 200 days since she came to us. (Only one dog has been with us longer: Lady.)

Britney is not a difficult dog to care for. At 12, this low-key lady loves everyone she meets and wants nothing more than to sleep peacefully in a comfortable spot in a loving home. She’s good on walks, though she does bark at other dogs she meets along the way, and often lags behind to take in the scenery.

But Britney does need special food (at least for now) and twice-daily arthritis medication, likely for the rest of her life. That’s why she needs a really special adopter to make her golden years golden.

If you live in a six-and-up home and have a special place in your heart for seniors, this sweet Lab gal really needs you! She’s been through so much. Please share her on Facebook and Twitter, and help us give her a happy ending!

To adopt Britney, please contact our Animal Placement department in NYC at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900. 

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Cathy Pupo

I am reading comments from people that wish to adopt Britney and are getting no reply from you, the ASPCA. What is the problem??? This is terrible and I will not donate to an organization that operates in this manner and cannot respond and answer the people trying to help one of your dogs for adoption. I think you better get on the ball and take care of this situation immediately....

Kerry Brandon Deel

Send her to me! I would love to have her at my home. I'm disabled to a extent and a low key pet is perfect for me. She can lay on the couch with me and watch tv.

Laurine Linam

Laurine Linam

Laurine Linam


What happen to BRITNEY?? Can you PLEASE post something. I need to know this was not a ploy/bad trick to just get donations. Please UPDATE!!


It is ridiculous and pathetic that this dog would be posted on the ASPCA website and no one from there woulde bother to look at the comments to see if anyone was asking questions or interested. I know not all ASPCA are bad, but I have heard many stories of the ASPCA being all about the money and it sounds like this old girl certainly brought in some donations. It is sad that they don't bother to follow up on their posts! This why I tell everyone to donate to their local shelters and rescues, where you can see that the money really does go directly to the care of the animals. I pray that the ASPCA is not using Britney, this beautiful old girl as a scam or ploy to get donations. If so, there will be a day when they will have to look their maker in the eye and explain what they did!


I love the fact that I see so many willing people to help. I often feel like I am the only pet lover with a heart so big, it seems like I have more room for animals than people! I only have 2 dogs, a boxer and a Lab/Pit (or something) mix,(each 60lbs+) and adopted both of them. My mix, Tip... he is aggressive and I can not add to my household right now. I really hope someone can help this poor dog, if only dogs could talk... I'm sure she could give one bittersweet story about her life before and after being rescued. I also am very grateful for everyone who has taken care of her up until now, getting her back on her feet! It broke my heart yesterday riding out into the country seeing starving, skinny dogs roaming the roads trying to find food and knowing I wasn't around a restaurant and had no food in my car to give it. I almost broke out in tears! GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!! And don't let anyone tell you, EVER, that you can't make a difference! I currently monetarily contribute to the ASPCA and St. Jude Children's Hospital, and I couldn't be more proud that I am, somehow, helping someone, somewhere. Sorry so long, I just had to get that out :) Thank you all for being such great animal lovers!! (:


I am not in a position to take Britney but hope she finds a good home. Someone please adopt her!


Hi Everyone. I called the adoption center in NY and learned that Britney was adopted. Yay! Apparently the ASPCA only updates facebook and website every thursday which is why we haven't seen the udpate yet. I am going to follow up with media relations to raise concern of the fact that they are not engaging their prospective adopters in social media dialogue which is a big no no in my book. I will let you all know what transpires.