Neglected Senior Dog Needs a Hero!

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 1:45pm

Not every visitor to the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC sees something special in Britney, but a local artist did. Whoever adopts this sweet senior gets to take home a beautiful portrait of their new dog!

The artist chose Britney to paint instead of the hundreds of other animals in our care, and we think we know why. Britney’s life has been so hard.

When she came to us through Humane Law Enforcement last year, Britney was in lots of pain, suffering from multiple untreated conditions. But with ASPCA veterinary care and attention, she is now as healthy as possible. In her opinion—and ours—Britney is ready to find her forever home.

For now, Britney spends her days quietly sleeping in her habitat until it’s her turn to be walked. She seems to know that she doesn’t belong here. And yet, it’s been more than 200 days since she came to us. (Only one dog has been with us longer: Lady.)

Britney is not a difficult dog to care for. At 12, this low-key lady loves everyone she meets and wants nothing more than to sleep peacefully in a comfortable spot in a loving home. She’s good on walks, though she does bark at other dogs she meets along the way, and often lags behind to take in the scenery.

But Britney does need special food (at least for now) and twice-daily arthritis medication, likely for the rest of her life. That’s why she needs a really special adopter to make her golden years golden.

If you live in a six-and-up home and have a special place in your heart for seniors, this sweet Lab gal really needs you! She’s been through so much. Please share her on Facebook and Twitter, and help us give her a happy ending!

To adopt Britney, please contact our Animal Placement department in NYC at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900. 

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I just wanted to tell all of you kind hearted people willing to take this sweet dog that I adore and respect you. I know that I could not care for a senior dog because it just breaks my heart to think about letting them go when it is their time. I love dogs so much and dog lovers even more.


You need to call to inquire about adoption, as it states at the top:
To adopt Britney, please contact our Animal Placement department in NYC at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900.


Unfortunately, the ASPCA cannot be counted on for these matters. In my experience, they are far more interested in raising funds than they are in placing animals. Once went to the adoption center to see a cat that had been placed 11months earlier and still appeared on the site. Inexcusable for any organization. Especially one this well funded.

Send your donations to Best Friends or your local shelter.


If I was closer I would sure adopt her. I have 2 dogs a a cat, all adopted. Wish I was close. I am from Argentina! I Love ASPCA, wish in my country we had guys like you!

Diane Fry

I too rescued an elderly dog from the shelter. She was in a terrible state when I got her. I cannot tell you how much joy she brought to our household and I loved her so very dearly and she me. I just lost her after almost 4 years with her but I am so happy she died in my arms and not in the pound lonely and confused. She was remembered by my friends and family nit the case if she had been euthanized in the pound. No one would have mourned her. Please don't overlook senior dogs theme little senior girl played like a puppy.even though she was ,riddled with arthritis she knew she had been rescued. She was a little 3lb girl when we rescued then Shen gained weight and was 7 lbs when she passed. I love my little Minnie xxx


Yes I would love to know if anything is happening in helping her get to her new home, or if I can donate to help get her to her new home. There has no been one update at all on her.


This is on the adoption page: If you’re interested: Please call our Animal Placement department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900.

Those of you who have expressed interest should probably give that number a try. =)


Please call our Animal Placement department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900. It is one thing to say you will adopt her on this blog, but you need to call!!!!!!


Its a shame that no one in NY has a heart big enough to adopt this sweet dog. It seems that so many people say "I'll take her" or..."I would, but..."

Makes me sad. Personally I think the major roadblock here is that you wont adopt her to a home with other dogs. Most people looking for a first time pet are far less likely to adopt an older dog..where as people who already have and love dogs would be. I think that perhaps the fault here is actually that of ASPCA.. work on socialization. You can't tell me she doesn't, or couldn't learn to get along with another dog.
I hope she finds the loving home she deserves.


Did she find a home yet???