Neglected Horses Recover, Find New Homes

Friday, December 20, 2013 - 3:30pm
ASPCA FIR Responder giving hay to rescued horse

We have great news—the neglected horses we’ve been helping to care for in Spokane, Washington, since mid-November have made tremendous progress!

We’re pleased to report that 47 of the horses have been placed with adopters, foster families or rescue groups to be made available for adoption. An additional four horses will be transported to 808 Equine Rescue in Calhan, Colorado, on December 21. Spokane County Regional Animal Protective Services (SCRAPS), an ASPCA Partner Community agency, will soon transport the remaining horses to a boarding facility.

When we first arrived in Spokane one month ago, the horses were severely emaciated and dehydrated from having had no access to water or acceptable food. They were discovered living on an abandoned property, and were seized as part of a cruelty investigation. We’ve been on the ground assisting SCRAPS by helping to shelter and care for the horses, as well as working to find them new homes. We’ll continue to support the agency remotely with boarding costs and placement for the remaining horses.

Find out more about our work to end equine cruelty nationwide.

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This is beautiful Christmas news. I hope all the abused and neglected horses fully recover and get new homes. Thank you to all the people and organizations who helped to rescue these poor animals.


How could people neglect/abuse a horse? Such pretty animals that are God's creatures. It has to be stopped! Thank you for helping.

Jennifer Fuentes

Thank you ASPCA for saving these horses and all the hard work you do throughout the year with saving of all the animals. God Bless everyone in your organization.

Elizabeth Riley

I completely agree! Horses are one of the most beautiful animals on God's great Earth. They shouldn't be abused or made for glue or food. God bless you for taking such good care of them and placing them into safe places!


it warms my heart to know there are people out there busting thier hump to try and place and adopt out thee poor animals. so glad there is a happy ending here!

Joann Stephens

Please sign my petition on horse tripping, if you've never heard of this cruel practice, look it up. Starving, these animals is horrific, can you imagine a horse running from being terrified, then roped by his front legs falling to the ground, most likely breaking legs. And that's for entertainment, the Hispanic community needs to be called on this, abusing animals is part of their culture. They need to be educated, please help. petitions horse tripping