Mr. Coffee’s Cup of Tea

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 11:30am
Mr. Coffee’s Cup of Tea

In early February, Virginia Stevenson brought home a ten-month-old cat named Coffee from the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan, and the two experienced an immediate connection. Coffee, since renamed Mr. Coffee, also became fast friends with Virginia’s resident rescue cat and has wasted no time making himself right at home.

“I cannot imagine my home without him,” Virginia says. “He is the perfect companion and playmate for my other cat, Martha, who is a one-eyed rescue I got from Bideawee in New York City. Mr. Coffee is sweet, playful and affectionate, and acts as if he has been with us forever.”

In fact, Virginia tells us it took “about one minute” for Mr. Coffee and Martha to become friends, and that “they have been thick as thieves since the first day.”

When he isn’t playing with Martha, Mr. Coffee has already picked out his favorite places in Virginia’s home for taking catnaps and exploring.

“One of his favorite sleeping places is the bathroom sink,” Virginia says. “He also loves the climbing tree, the window sill, the back of my chair, my computer and the bathtub.”

We’re thrilled to hear that Mr. Coffee found a home where he feels so comfortable.

“He is a treasure,” Virginia says.  “I thank you all for bringing us together.”

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I can relate ;). My name is Martha, I rescued a young tabby cat who'd been dropped off at a ferry terminal ticket booth (named him Mr. Ticket!), and my mom's cousin worked at Bideawee in the 1940s.
Best wishes to you and your happy cats!


Much happiness and long life to Virgina, Coffee and Martha. I am especially fond of rescued kitties for they seem to appreciate and know they are special loves.........


I love Mr. Coffee!

Dorothy Bienen

what a fortunate chap Mr. Coffee is...but the saying goes....nothing happens by accident...Ms. S was meant to have Mr. Coffee in her warm loving home.....look at his says it grateful and happy he is to be there!!! DRB


Thank you Martha for opening your heart and home to such a handsome fellow as Mr. Coffee. He appears to be a brown tabby, my favorite among all cats. I have eight rescue cats, a rescue dog and foster moms and kittens in the spring. I cannot imagine not helping these beautiful animals. When we find these special additions to our family it's meant to be. God Bless you!!!

Patrick Oliver

Congratulations Coffee!

Eva Walters

I been involved with animals since a child. Horses and dogs.
Rescuing after realizing breeding even limited animals superior quality does not guarantee them love or care. Donated money in places i lived. At 68 years of age i am convinced unless the law is changed, there is not enough money on this earth to rescue and save animals from cruel fate. I would like to propose that by changing the state laws for licensing each animal owner and creating laws that enforces neutering or the owner is fined after a dog is one year old will do much more to reduce the the number of unwanted dogs and cats in any state. My heart breaks when i get the fliers in my mail and hearing about the thousands of innocent creatures put to death just because some owners are ignorant and not responsible. This is an epidemic that is very disturbing and sad to any decent human being. Somehow people must be made accountable for their deeds. I suggest lobbying for different laws in the state of Alabama. Nothing else will reduce the mass murder of our companion animals. Sincerely, Eva Walters


Mr. Coffee is adorable. You both are giving each other the love and special bond that is inseparable. God Bless!!