Molly and Joey Join Forces for No Pet Store Puppies Day

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 10:15am
Puppy and baby girl sitting next to each other

July 21 is “No Pet Store Puppies Day,” and we’re celebrating the third year of our campaign to put an end to puppy mills. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved, we know someone looking for help—meet Molly!

Molly, along with her faithful pup, Joey, is out to teach the world all about puppy mills and why you shouldn’t shop at pet stores that sell puppies.

Molly and Joey want to make sure their message reaches as many people as possible, so please share their video with the hashtag #MeetMolly after you’ve watched it.

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Next week we’re hosting a Puppy Mill Twitter Chat to answer ALL of your questions about puppy mills. Where do pet store puppies come from? What really happens to mill dogs when they can no longer breed? Is my dog from a puppy mill?  How can I help? Join us, and co-hosts Thoughts Fur Paws and Dog Book on Tuesday, July 23, at 1:00 P.M. ET. Use hashtag #ASPCAchat to join the conversation.

For more information on No Pet Store Puppies Day, please visit And remember—adopt, don’t shop!

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God Bless you for your hard work & for helping those New Puppy & Kitty Parents. Giving more people greater knowledge as to the Horrendous Living conditions these poor little creatures endure during their all to often short lives, the quicker more people can take a stand against it. By joining more people to the "VOICES FOR THE VOICE-LESS" perhaps we can get our government Reps. to listen to us and create laws that makes it A Federal Offence to operate a "Animal Breeding Facility" that is in all actuality a puppy / kitty mill! With stricter laws and Harsher penalties that are enforced to the Max, then we might put a an end to them once and for all.


Sandy you're awesome!

Roseann Ruggiero

I don't think anyone should sell animals for money lets just get rid of the problem all together and I don't care who like it. I have heard the amount some people sell these poor animals for are you kidding me. Who the hell do they think they are , how could they put a price on love the love that a cat or dog will bring. ASPCA I love you and what you do I have been with you for a long time


That's one terrible pet store good on you for telling the MSPCA we all really need to do these things


I certainly agree that we should not support anyone who is involved, in any way, with puppy mills, but I am curious about something, and I am hoping that someone can answer this question for me. If we stop buying the puppies from the pet stores, what happens to those puppies? What will the pet stores do with them?


Hi Roxanne, I have seen stories where pet stores are shut down and the puppies are taken to rescues or shelters. Unfortunately, some are put to sleep as they are too sick but most will go to shelters and rescues. The best is when they go to rescues as too many animal shelters are considered high kill due to how full they are. When you adopt a pet from a rescue or shelter you're actually saving two lives as it frees up space in the shelter to allow more time for the rest of the animals.


Susan, thank you for your reply. That was my fear; it is such a catch 22. I have never purchased a pet, and believe whole heartedly in adopting from shelters & rescues, but it very difficult to convince some people that you can get a wonderful pet without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for them.


It is my understanding that the animals that are not sold by a certain time are
sent to either research facilities where they endure unspeakable torture in the name
of science or sent to companies that send the bodies to schools for biology class
(aka dissecting) Puppy mill dogs seem to be doomed from their very start. Puppy mills must become a horror of the past a.s.a.p.


I agree. The puppy mills have to be stopped!


While I applaud Molly's efforts, it is the puppy mills that need the most attention, this is where the problem begins. What happens to all the puppies that are not sold or adopted at these stores, they still need homes, or are they sent away to be put to sleep. As a contributor to the ASCPA I would to see more effort closing the mills that cause the problem in the first place.