Microchip Reunites Cat with Family after Two Years

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 9:30am

Ever wondered if microchips are worth it? If you ask Amanda L., they sure are! Here’s her story:

We adopted our cat Dempsey in January 2007 from the Houston SPCA. Dempsey is the smartest cat we’ve ever met. He plays fetch, drinks water from the faucet and follows you everywhere.

So we were heartbroken when, shortly after a moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2010, we lost Dempsey. We put up fliers, stayed up at night listening for him and searched the neighborhood for weeks, but with no luck.

We moved to New York City the following year but never stopped thinking about Dempsey and wondering where he could be and whether he was even alive.

Then, one Saturday while we were sitting in the park reading, we received an email from a vet in Ann Arbor—they found Dempsey!

An amazing woman had noticed him around her yard all summer and had been feeding him and looking out for him. They had warmed to each other, and so she decided to take him to a vet to see if he belonged to anyone. The first thing the vet did was scan him and they found our information. It was almost exactly two years to the day since we had lost Dempsey. We still cannot believe it!

Dempsey is currently recuperating with his grandparents in Michigan, and we are going to see him soon. We owe our reunion with Dempsey entirely to the kindness of a stranger and his microchip. We are so thankful that we have him back in our lives!

For more info on why microchips are awesome, check out this video.