Michael Vick to Adopt a New Dog? Not So Fast!

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 1:30pm

It's true. We don't think Michael Vick would make a good doggie parent. The NFL superstar recently claimed on Piers Morgan Tonight that he's interested in getting a dog. Call us crazy, but we don't think it's a good idea. Far from it.

Despite spending 19 months in prison for running an illegal interstate dog fighting business, Vick hasn't expressed a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed. And rather than talk about the horrors of dog fighting, he has consistently chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught.

In a nutshell, his actions are self-serving. We've seen little remorse and even less compassion. And let's not forget, he caused unspeakable suffering to hundreds of innocent dogs. Frankly, the ASPCA has serious concerns about Vick's ability to be a responsible pet parent.

Don't you? 

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colleen wilson

absolutely not! I know after everything happened his daughter wanted a puppy and I believe as part of his punishment he should have to tell his daughter about the horrible things he did and why she can not have a pet because of him. He shouldn't even have a job making millions. He is a bad person.


He should not have to tell his daughter what he did to those dogs. No matter what her age, she does not deserve to have those kind of mental images. A simple, "I hurt dogs before and I'm not allowed to have pets because of it. What I did was wrong." should suffice.


His daughter probably knows more than we think that she does, and if not, eventually, the knowledge and brutality will come to her most likely via the internet if she ever decides to do a simple search on her father's name. That man shouldn't have been allowed to breed at all.


Couldn't have said it better myself, you hit that on the dot!!!

Judi Cornfield

Anyone that abuses animals should never again be allowed to own a dog or cat. Michael Vick is a jackass to even think about this. All abusers should be banned from owning a pet for LIFE!!!!!

kimberly kearney

In my opinion he got off way too lightly in the first place and in answer to whether he should be able to adopt a dog hell no he should never be able to have any pet!


Oh, HELL NO!!!!!! Everyone needs to do whateveer is humanly possible to ensure that this travesty does not happen.


I cannot believe he would be allowed to ever own a pet again!! If a person abused or MURDERED a child (because that is what this piece of garbage did), they would be put in jail FOREVER and if they did get out they would never be allowed to adopt a child...Same should go for this situation! I thought we lived in a country of honor and justice!


Besides the fact that he said he would get any breed EXCEPT a PitBull

Malorie McAfee

Mr. Vick has admitted that he was brought up in an environment where animal abuse was acceptable. He does not deserve a dog, nor does he know how to properly and compassionately look after one.