Michael Vick to Adopt a New Dog? Not So Fast!

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 1:30pm

It's true. We don't think Michael Vick would make a good doggie parent. The NFL superstar recently claimed on Piers Morgan Tonight that he's interested in getting a dog. Call us crazy, but we don't think it's a good idea. Far from it.

Despite spending 19 months in prison for running an illegal interstate dog fighting business, Vick hasn't expressed a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed. And rather than talk about the horrors of dog fighting, he has consistently chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught.

In a nutshell, his actions are self-serving. We've seen little remorse and even less compassion. And let's not forget, he caused unspeakable suffering to hundreds of innocent dogs. Frankly, the ASPCA has serious concerns about Vick's ability to be a responsible pet parent.

Don't you? 

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i don't think he deserves to be out of jail!!!!!

SANDY stamper

This guy should never be near a pet again. People that do the things he did are evil and just as much capable of hurting a human being.


No way!! He should NEVER be able to adopt a dog!!! He doesn't deserve to be able to be around a dog much less own one! That's crazy! Please don't let him!!!

Julie Van Ness

Michael Vick should not be allowed to have a dog at all...adopt, buy, foster, take care of for a friend, or under any other circumstances. If he wants a dog to satisfy one of his children who is asking for one, so be it. That child will learn that the consequences of animal cruelty include more than a prison sentence, fines and lawyers' fees.

And, he will learn, again, that animal cruelty matters. Regarding Michael Vick adopting a dog for any reason whatever, the answer is NO.


Michael Vick should never again be able to own a dog!! I thought that Piers Morgan's interview was not a good interview at all!! Hand Vick's ass to someone like Nancy Grace, who isn't afraid to ask the "dirty" questions!! Piers Morgan didn't bring up the drowning, hanging, elctrocution and beating deaths of the dogs - i would like Vick to say with his own mouth what he did to those poor babies!!


His actions have brought me to tears more than once, seeing the pictures of those poor babies and what he intentionally did to them. The sports fans that have happily embraced him again saying he's "paid his dues" and the endoresements he's received again make me physically sick. If he had done these despicable acts to human beings would he ever be able to pay his dues in any court? Simply, no. The only bit of solace I can get is knowing he'll have to account for his actions in a much higher court one day. Nancy Grace, heck ya, I'd watch that interview.

Jill Blakeley

He should never be allowed to own any living thing, not a dog, cat, bird, anything. Anyone who takes pleasure in the torture, mutilation, and murder of any living thing should not be in possession of one.


Any shelter or breeder would be foolish to give a known animal abuser another dog. Imagine the hell that would come to them if they did this? He is just asking for trouble.

Barbara Pechota

This man can't even pay his restitution! He should have to pay for all the care and upkeep for the remaining dogs of his prior "ownership" that have to remain in Dogtown, UT because they are so mentally and emotonally scarred from him and his friends!!! This "man" expresses no remorse or guilt over what he has done and just continues to blame his upbringing - a load of BS!! We all make choices and he got caught making his! Fall of the face of the Earth Michael Vick, you will NOT be missed!


One word NO. I can't even believe the law would allow this. We need an animal offenders list. His name should be on it