Michael Vick to Adopt a New Dog? Not So Fast!

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 1:30pm

It's true. We don't think Michael Vick would make a good doggie parent. The NFL superstar recently claimed on Piers Morgan Tonight that he's interested in getting a dog. Call us crazy, but we don't think it's a good idea. Far from it.

Despite spending 19 months in prison for running an illegal interstate dog fighting business, Vick hasn't expressed a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed. And rather than talk about the horrors of dog fighting, he has consistently chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught.

In a nutshell, his actions are self-serving. We've seen little remorse and even less compassion. And let's not forget, he caused unspeakable suffering to hundreds of innocent dogs. Frankly, the ASPCA has serious concerns about Vick's ability to be a responsible pet parent.

Don't you? 

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Get some new material you over emotional zealot. Climb off of your soapbox while you are at it.

maria t sousa



NO NO NO Vick should not have a pet of any kind what he did to those dogs in the fighting ring that he was part of, this piece of shit doesn't deserve a pet. And I don't care if he is famous football player he does not deserve a dog. NO NO NO


Good God, I figured he would be banned from owning dogs for life! Just goes to show how arrogant he is to even suggest it after all he did. What a piece of reprehensible garbage.

Connie Bertoldi

In no way do I think he should be able to ever have any type of pet. He has a lot of nerve to even suggest that he should have a dog. If those were children he did terrible things to there is no way he would be able to adopt another child. I think the same goes for animals..they need protected too.

Rhonda Ohl

Michael Vick should never be allowed to own any type of animal.....He has shown NO remorse for his barbaric cruelty to animals so why should he deserve a second chance?????? And Patrick...NO FUCK YOU!!!! People like you are the reason that people like Michael Vick get a second chance to inflict more pain and suffering as well as death to animals of this world!!!! He has no right to own an animal after what he has done.....I don't care WHO HE IS!!!! Im all for second chances but by GOD you had better show TRUTHFUL REMORSE for what you have done and Michael Vick has shown NO remorse for his actions!!!! You would not be so forgiving if you had gone through what these poor dogs have gone through at the hands of this MONSTER!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

Heidi Rivera-Merrill

Michael Vick having an animal?! Absolutely NOT!


NO DOGS IN HIS HOME< HOUSE< APT< LAND< CARDBOARD BOX!!!!!! I dont care if he has 10 kids that wants dogs, they can get one when they grow up!!! This will give them their childhood years to learn not to treat a dog as daddy did. Vick deserves no more leniency and whomever gives him a dog, should be hung!!!

stefanie martincic

are u kidding me?? Why would anyone give him a second chance in owning a dog? He was never and never will be a good dog parent. Who gave all those dogs a second chance at life that he purposly destroyed. Once an animal abuser always will be an animal abuser he has no heart and no love for animals. I hope his clothing line takes a nose dive. I honestly feel sorry for ANY animal that will be left in his brutal horrible waste of DNA hands of Michael vick


They should have never let that apology for a human being out of prison.