Member Story: Responding to Joplin

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 1:00pm

Guest blog written by Cathy W., ASPCA Legacy Society member

I was part of the search and rescue team after the tornado hit Joplin. We lost 161 people in our community that evening—and lives were forever changed. We are still recovering and rebuilding. 

I found a little dog that had been so injured and nearly died. I went to the area where the ASPCA had set up a shelter—taking in, loving and caring for animals. Surgeries were performed as needed, and shots, collars and other items were provided. It was so organized.

Several weeks later adoptions were advertised and people came from all over the country to adopt the precious pets. Every animal was adopted…given another chance. Some were reunited with their original families. A happy ending to a tragic day.  

That is when we decided to include ASPCA, PETA and Hospice Care in our wills. We are supporters of life, freedom, kindness and our most beloved four-legged pets. I will never forget that day! Never!!   

We are truly their voice.