March 1 Is National Horse Protection Day

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 3:00pm

Horses are frequently the victims of cruelty and neglect, but their suffering sometimes fails to grab headlines. In honor of National Horse Protection Day, we’d like to share just one horse rescue we’ve had the opportunity to support.

Last month, 13 emaciated horses were found living on a rural farm in Vermilion County, Illinois. The horses were all skin and bones. Two were blind, and a third was found deceased on the property.

Luckily, the Society for Hooved Animal Rescues and Emergencies (S.H.A.R.E) stepped in and began the long process of rehabilitating the horses. As soon the ASPCA heard about S.H.A.R.E’s incredible work, we gave the organization a $6,500 grant to help pay for veterinary care and food for the rescued equines.

We’re so glad to assist S.H.A.R.E in its efforts to help horses! Find out how you can get involved and be a hero for horses by reading our top 10 ways to help equines.

Have you stood up for horses? Tell us about it in the comments!

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I'm a horse lover from way back. I have also done some traveling around the world. In many countries, France included, horse is treated no differently from beef. In France, however (and most of Europe) most animals are treated humanely prior to slaughter. In the US and Mexico there are few laws to protect them, so the conditions are truly appalling.

Not eating horse is cultural (the British don't eat it either) If we really want to save some suffering, we need to institute domestic laws to protect these wonderful animals. Has ANYONE ever read "The Jungle"? (Sinclair Lewis, I think?) This book changed the meat packing industry - made it more humane for animals and safer for humans! Don't base all humanitarian decisions on your own cultural outlook - especially when it comes to food! While there are some people starving in this country, its hard to pass judgment on people until you are hungry enough to break food taboos!


GOD Bless you for saving these horses! I rescue horses myself & have seen firsthand the horrors of abuse & neglect. I pray each & everyone of GODs beautiful horses finds a loving,caring home.....


As an ardent animal lover, I am quite chagrined that horses have to be transported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter . Horses will continue to be slaughtered as long as there is a market. We should have continued to allow that in this country, where there are laws and regulations and it is done much more humanely than in Mexico. Anyone who doesn't believe that, just check out You Tube. The horse industry is partially to blame by breeding and breeding and then discarding them when they no longer win or need extra care etc. There are only so many rescue organizations and they can't take them all. We owe horses a good life but when it has to end it shouldn't be in a Mexican slaughter house!


So I read in the news that both New Mexico and Oklahoma are preparing to open facilities to process horse for European consumption. This is morally wrong - I don't care how "Horse friendly" they make the slaughter plants. Horses are not food!
Mr. Obama has signed the bill to allow this to happen! Next will will find out that horse meat is in our burgers, etc just like it is in Europe. Say no to horse slaughter!

dennis buhrmester

Last year I lost both my horses, the first in April to cancer. We got Major from a friend who did not use him. Then in December I had to put my horse down with severe colic. We had owned both of them for 20 yrs, the one was 28 and the other 26 so last year was really rough. However on the plus side we got Major who is now 20 and we adopted BO from SHARE at the end of December. I have to say that while it is really tough saying goodby the two new horses have helped ease the pain. I am glad to see SHARE receive the grant they are great people and really deserve it. If you ever need a horse to give a good forever home to please visit them. Bo was a rescue who had been starved and did not even know what a treat, an apple or carrot was. He is now spoiled and is a welcome addition to our family and has found his forever home with Major.

Martha Ingram

A huge thank you to S.H.A.R.E. and "Linda" the lady that owns and oversees all the activities. I had the pleasure of many wonderful afternoons at the S.H.A.R.E. farm when I lived in Illinois. The animals are well taken care, loved, rehabilitated, worked with. Watching the transformation of an abused, neglected horse is an incredible thing. I know...I adopted 3 from there and they are wonderful family pets now.


horses are innocent animals who have done nothing wrong so, WHY ABUSE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Oliver

Happy Horse Protection Day!


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