Make a Resolution for Happy and Healthy Pets in 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 4:00pm

Happy new year from all of us here at the ASPCA! As you set your resolutions for 2013, don’t forget to consider ways to improve your pet’s wellbeing, too. Providing a little bit of extra grooming or playtime for your pet can go a long way. We suggest you start by making a few simple resolutions that will keep your furry friends healthy and happy from January to December.

Here are some easy ways to get started:

Exercise time! Before you rush to join a gym, consider ways to incorporate your pet into your new workout routine. Healthy adult dogs need at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise twice a day—jogging, swimming and playing at the dog park are all great options. Engage your cat with rousing play sessions of chase and fetch with furry toys, small balls or toy mice.

Battle the bulge. Humans aren’t the only ones who might need to cut back on excess food after the holidays. This year, vow to lay off those table scraps and consider switching your cat or dog to a well-balanced, high-quality pet food.

Schedule a check-up. Give your veterinarian the chance to notice any developing illnesses by scheduling regular check-ups for your pet. If it’s been a year or more since your pet has seen a vet, make an appointment today!

IDs, please! Get an updated look by outfitting all of your animal companions—even indoor pets—with an ID tag. Implanted microchips are also a smart option.

Want to make a resolution to help homeless animals in 2013? Consider becoming an ASPCA Guardian. For just a few cents a day, you can make a big impact for animals.  

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Tim Sutterby

I would imagine all the pets that are waiting to be put to sleep are VERY happy. And I would imagine all the pets, such as the ones I have seen which were removed from a home where they weren't REALLY abused, are VERY happy to be sitting in a cage, likely waiting to be put to sleep. I say not REALLY abused, and I mean it. Yes they lived a portion of their day in cages, just like they do right now an ASPCA cage. They were fed, and bathed, and cared for medically, never beaten or abused in any way. And they were owned by a woman who tried very hard to find them good homes to go to. A woman who very carefully screened buyers to make sure they weren't abusive, and even turned down multiple pet buyers because they didn't seem right for the pets. Then one day the ASPCA swoops in and takes them all, saying they were miserable because they lived in cages, and some of them were old dogs, and looked a bit feeble. Those got put to sleep by the ASPCA by the way, we know this because they never appeared on the website for sale. The other were purebred Chihuahuas, worth a lot of money and from very good lines. They were all sold on the website. ASPCA, you are nothing but a bunch of thieves, liars, and crooked people that don't care at all for dogs, just the money you can make from them. It's not better to take a dog from a decent home and then put it to sleep, the dog should have a chance to live, after all, we still allow you people the chance to live, shouldn't the dogs get the same right?


Get real everybody. NONE of these organizations care about the humane treatment or care of animals. They care ONLY about the almighty dollar and will do whatever has to be done to get it. Just as the comment before mine states, they will STEAL animals from people to make a dollar. HAPPY animals. All the while making the owner look horrible. They are full of LIES and will do whatever it takes to make someone look bad if it will get them more money in the end. WATCH out for these CON ARTISTS. None of them can be trusted, and the sooner the general public sees this, the better off we will all be.

bigard mauricette

arretons de tuer des animaux de façon cruelle on peux toujours trouver des solution donc stop laisser les animaux en paix respectons les

Darlene Curbow

How could anyone say that the ASPCA doesn't care about the lives they save & improve! I feel they should make more than any occupation on Earth! I would move Heaven & Earth for each & every one of my pets! I would be so lost without them. I Love ALL animals and currently have three cats and a bearded dragon! Yes, my Beardy is spoiled! A perfect example of their devotion to us is a kitten I saved from the cold! She was only about six weeks old when I lost my very Best Friend of 40 years. That precious little kitten actually stopped nursing (I kept her Mom with her), and stayed by my side for a continuous 4 days as I grieved. They are also compassionate to each other! My that I had for 15 years was sick with chronic renal failure. We gave my Jingle, fluids at home and when she couldn't groom herself any longer, another cat I rescued would groom her head to toe every day! Just to see them with their unique personalities and unconditional love for us and each other is a lot more than what most people take time to do! So Hug your pets, give in return to them, what they give to us! Always ALWAYS believe and trust in each and every ASPCA staff member or volunteer. They deserve the deepest of appreciation and gratitude for they and we ARE THEIR VOICE!

Collie Fan

My new years resolution for my collie dog is to teach him new words, show him in a AKC conformation show and he's now ready to breed so I'd like to breed him.

anne nartowicz

The aspca has for many yrs stepped up to rescue & take care of animals in need! There are many animals in need so it stands to reason that they ask for help w/ donations! Its very costly to feed,home,or medically take care of these animals! Yes imagine & know there r places who claim to do the same & take advantage, but NOT the aspca! Their record of commitement and rescue & love speaks for itself!! If u do not believe in them stay of their site! Plain & simple! Save the comment space for a true lover of animals & believes in all the aspca does!

Cinzia Furlanetto

As a supporter of ASPCA I would like to know if it is true that they put dogs and cats to sleep.

darrell young

after losing my beautiful daugther in Dec
2011 that I loved more then any thing in the
world I decided to help out by making donations in her
honor as often as I could I loved her so much it makes me feel so happy to try an do something for all the other one that need our help an maybe someone will adopt an give another animal a change to show how much it means to them to have a family to be with. there all God creatures an deserve the same as us happiness an love!

Lauren Payne

Every year we are face with huracane season we prepare for us, humans, but most of the time we forget about an emergency plan for our pets.
Create a special luggage with need items in case of an emergency. Copy of their papers, copy of their chip #, a photo of their families with different photos, telephones and emails.
Also a list per dog about different illnesses, and needed medication.
Create special collars for the dogs with lockets with the information about their owners, phone numbers and emergency phone numbers.
I want they to be feunited the fastest with their family if we get separated eventually.

Stephanie Babcock

I feel bad for the person who wrote "Yes - Happy Pet". Why? Because they haven't truly loved or even read an article on what a "pet" (qualifier: "pet")requires. I think the writer should understand that a "pet" is a part of the home: interacting, playing, sleeping, eating and the most important: one on one time.

A "pet" is not an "animal" kept in a cage without interaction, play time, exercise time, toys and family time. A "pet" is loved. An "animal" in a cage without fun, run time (ever hear of a dog run?), love (holding, petting, brushing, playing) is an "animal" by it's treatment. Period. Cruel as all animals are interactive and require a "family" (suggest the writer study mammals in their local library). Keeping in a cage is not even viable in the wild for so called "wild animals" as they require contact and interaction and freedom.

There is a different psychology and I pray and hope that whoever wrote "Yes - Happy Pets" never has an "animal" (or that matter a child) in their care. For their consideration of a "Happy Pet" is a cruel distortion of a "happy captive" vs. a "loved one" or a "happy pet".